The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Hope!

There is always Hope!  At times, we forget about Hope when the negativity consumes us.  Please be reassured there “is” always Hope!  Hope is our dreams which gives something to look forward too.  Something we all need.

When we say, “I hope I will be okay.”  Instead say, “I am okay!”  We also need to remind ourselves, with a positive affirmation, we are getting closer to achieving our Hopes.

Where there is Hope, there is a Way!  Our hearts help in communication with our minds and our souls to create the Hope we need in our lives.

Following Hope is the path to our happiness.  We see so many things along our path; things to appreciate, experience, and to learn from!

Hope is a Prayer, a Dream, and a Wish!  We all have them💖

With Good Vibes Only – There Is Always Hope! 💖




The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Playtime!

Oh, to be a child again!  Who said that?  Why can’t we tap into our inner child every now and then?  Enjoy some playtime!

I’m all for this concept!  Playtime is Healthy!

Whether you enjoy sports, art, dance, music, board games, cards, crafts, or any other hobby – this is your playtime!

Healthy, healthy, healthy!  Play as much as you can; find a hobby that brings out the child in you.  This child is still in there; we just mask him/her by our age.  As adults, responsibility, and the seriousness that goes along with it all, takes over.  Have you heard the saying, “I don’t want to adult today”; it’s okay to take a break from it and have some fun!  Clear the mind!

Being childlike and having a bit of playtime, creates longevity for our mind, body, and soul.

With Good Vibes Only – Playtime!! 😊😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Celebrate Yourself!

Hey You!!!  You are Here!!  You are Alive!! You are You!!  Celebrate Yourself Every Single Day!

Be grateful for your existence, you mind, your body, and your soul!  The more you celebrate yourself, the happier your life will become!  Celebrating yourself is intoxicating – a natural high!

You don’t need to wait for your birthday to come around once a year; you can celebrate daily.  You will be encouraging others without even knowing it; sharing the celebration!  Just think, how happy the World would become if we all took the time to appreciate ourselves, show gratitude towards ourselves, and to love ourselves a little bit more each day.

Before you know it, others will then start celebrating themselves as well 💖

Could you imagine a World where everyone was smiling all the time?  Do you think it is worth the effort to try this suggestion?  What can we lose?

With Good Vibes Only – Celebrate Yourself 💖😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Gratitude On The Road

Living in Northern Ontario, we get A LOT OF SNOW!  It generally starts in November (sometimes late October) and lasts until the end of April.  The thaw lasts until mid-May!!  So it is a long season!

Depending on the severity of the Winter Storm; the roads are very well maintained!  With a combination of salt and sand, and the endless convoy of plow trucks, makes for safe driving conditions.

I feel it is very important to take the time to acknowledge “anyone” who works for a company who contributes to keeping our roads safe during this long winter season!  Not just here in Northern Ontario, but every place in this World of ours who experience snow and icy roads.

This job is a “24/7” job and at times, others can take their work they are doing for granted.  These people sacrifice their lives, time with their families, and sleep for that matter, to work through storms to keep us as safe as possible.

I, personally, can’t thank these individuals enough!  I know the job isn’t easy, but it is appreciated more than they know!

With Good Vibes Only – Gratitude On The Road 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Don’t Worry!

Please don’t worry, this too shall pass!  You’ve heard many people say, “Don’t worry, be happy”, and I know it’s hard, but the easiest thing you can do is simply smile.

When you find yourself worrying, find a quiet place with a mirror (perhaps a bathroom) and look at your face.  You will be shocked at how sad you look; it will probably upset you more.  You may cry, you may not, but if you do –   Welcome those Tears!

Once all the tears are done, splash water on your face and then give yourself a huge smile!  Why?  You just grew in that very moment; the gift of release gave you the gift of comfort!

Embrace it!

With Good Vibes Only – Don’t Worry 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – “Me” Day

Have you ever said to yourself, “Boy, I could sure use a day to myself!”

I think we have all been there; life gets overwhelming and busy.  We find ourselves torn between so many people and things, we don’t know where to turn.  We have obligations, bills, and loads of pressure – that’s when you give yourself the Gift of  a “Me” Day.

Even if you find taking a full day to yourself doesn’t work with your schedule, make sure you “make an appointment” with yourself each day for a least one hour.  We make appointments every day with everyone else, why not do it for yourself!

In the one hour you schedule for yourself, make sure you are doing something that has everything to do with “you”.  Whether you enjoy sports, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, or just doing absolutely nothing at all – just do what makes you happy!

Take time for you and have a “Me” Day or a “Me” Moment and wrap yourself up in it!

Enjoy, Enjoy, and Enjoy some more!

With Good Vibes Only – Have a “Me” Day 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Recycle The Past

The Past is in the Past;  you can revisit the Past, but not with regret.

The Past which has been good, creates fantastic memories!  The Past which has bad memories creates more wisdom.  Take the memories and the wisdom to create a healthy future.  Recycle what you can take with you, in a healthy, happy and positive way.

Any negative from the Past, can go to the dump and stay there after you have recycled what can be useful to you for your future – Life Lessons!

By changing our outlook on our past, will also help us to heal any experiences which were not healthy and somewhat toxic.

Remember, cherished memories and wisdom will be a great and continued foundation for the growth in your life.

With Good Vibes Only – Recycle The Past 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Getting Your Hands Dirty

The element of Earth!  Grounding!  Your soul needs to feel grounded and secure.

Spring is here and if you garden, I’m sure you are doing cartwheels right about now!  Get your hands dirty with life!  Gardening brings out the kid in me; I’ll even take the time to make the odd mud pie!  Makes me smile!

If you do not garden, place your hands in the dirt and feel it in between your fingers.  Feel the energy the earth brings to your hands.

Recently, I read where people are gravitating more to mud baths for the grounding sensation it gives to the mind, body, and soul.  Your body is immersed in the combination of mud powder to bring you to a natural state of calm.

Grounding is so important in life; helps us to live in a calming way 💖

With Good Vibes Only – Get Your Hands Dirty 😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Living Together As A Family

Living our lives together as a family, consists of so much!  I am a woman who has a belief system, you don’t have to move out of the family home once you turn 18 or graduate from school.  I understand independence, but when the time is right.  Age should not dictate, “when a person is ready” to move out and start their lives.

Experience and Wisdom will allow the feeling of being comfortable to “want” to move out of the family home.

For our family, we have the belief that if you can all still live together and “want” to live together as a family, then why not!  It does not stop anyone from growing “independently” or “having responsibility”, in fact it has created a stronger bond, one that our dreams in life are focused on.

We have provided options to our kids; if they want to stay with us, they can.  If they want to live on their own, they can do that as well.  Freedom of choice!

When you force your child to, “move out”, they are starting their independent life with fewer choices.  The chances of them having a difficult time in life, providing for themselves (especially in today’s World) are going to be more of a struggle for them.  You can help your child grow and gain their independence under the same roof.  We are not living in the 1950’s, we need to adjust to the World we live in and support each other; creating new traditions.

I know everyone has their own opinion on this topic and all kids are different; but I’d like to believe in order for our children to succeed in life, they need to venture out when they are ready and not by being forced out the door.

Everything we do in life, from living together, loving each other, supporting each other, and caring for each other, needs to be done without pressure – the World is a different place today, but we can still live in Peace.

With Good Vibes Only – Living Together As A Family 💖


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