The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – How Life Changes

When we started this journey in our lives, we set out to find all the Good Vibes we could by travelling from BC to Ontario.  Little did we know the challenges we would face.

During our trip, we did talk to those who shared the sense of community and family which brought them Good Vibes, but our lives were about to change in the midst of all we were setting out to do.

I really wanted to share with you all the greatness we would be able to hear but unfortunately our journey which was intended to be positive, turned out with a major loss for our family.

This is also the reason why I haven’t made a blog post for a month.

Over the past year, my mother-in-law had been battling Cancer in British Columbia.  We were under the impression she was winning her battle – hence the reason we set out to share Good Vibes as we were truly feeling grateful for her win.

Two days after we arrived in Ontario we found out she was admitted into the hospital with 2 weeks to live.  My husband then turned around and grabbed the first flight back to British Columbia to be with his Mom, along with his 8 siblings.

As a family, they were able to spend two weeks with her and created more cherished memories.

My husband decided to come home to Ontario while she was still in good spirits (he wanted to be able to remember her this way).  She passed away a week later on April 4th which was also my husbands birthday.

As a family, we have been remembering this beautiful soul over the past week and filling our hearts with the Good Vibes she has left us with.

Life is to be cherished and the test of losing a parent on my husbands birthday is a very hard test to pass, but we as a family, are making it a point to remember her in all of the greatness she has taught us.

A strong woman who loved her family is the Greatest of Good Vibes.  Her strength and love is our foundation for continuing our journey to share and live with Good Vibes Only.

We love you Momma!!


5 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – How Life Changes

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    While we were working on our production, “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow”, life changed. We are now focusing on our productions with a new vision, new drive and in honor of a beautiful woman who will always be in our hearts.

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