The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Say “No” To The Drama

Life is filled with so many experiences, people, personalities, beliefs, and feelings; over time you will see how some just don’t mix well with the other.  It is about choice, what brings you happiness, and living a life of Peace that will help to clear your own World of these things which bring too much drama.

If someone brings drama to the table during a situation that is deemed negative, please remind yourself, that this person just hasn’t grown enough yet to see what truly is important; they are stuck.  By saying, “No” to drama and continuing on with your own Peaceful path, they will soon realize what they are missing.  By saying, “No” to their drama, does not mean that you do not want them in your life, it means you love them enough to let them live in their own World which they have chosen.

I suppose the way I look at it is this, we cannot change who, what, where, why, and how people would like to live their lives, it is making our own choices to stay true to who we are without disrespecting one another that counts.

Quite often those that love the drama in life, are trying to drag others into their World without letting them have a choice, but if you say “No” to the negative behaviour then your absence in their World will soon become a void which they will miss.  By saying, “No” to drama and the people who cause it, you will be respected more than if you bought into their World of chaos.

There are people in my life who live for the drama with gossip, hurting feelings, and causing emotional pain; I love them enough to let them go and know over time they will outgrow this stage in their lives, hence the reason I say “No” to drama and “Yes” to Good Vibes Only!

I wish them the very best in life and know they will learn from this stage, but in the meantime, I’m loving my life of Good Vibes Only and will continue to pursue the ultimate dream of Peace!


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