The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Reinvent Yourself

To “Reinvent Yourself” means you have learned from your lessons in life and you have grown.

I believe the term “change” when applied to ones life, should instead be termed “reinvent”.  In my mind, when someone refers to another as, “they have to change” is simply just that, “have to”.  You shouldn’t have to do anything, but instead you should “want to”.

To reinvent yourself is wanting to do this for yourself.

Many years ago, I was making a list of things I had to do in front of my Aunt.  I learned a great deal in what took 2 minutes of her time when she said, “what are you doing?”

My response, “I have to make my list of things I need to get done.”

The lightbulb came on when she replied, “You shouldn’t have to do anything in your life, you should want to do it”.

By changing our thought process on anything we do in life to “want” from “have”, it makes it so much easier to accomplish.  It takes time, however the outcome is far better.

If you try this mindset with the reinvention of yourself, you will find the journey of doing so will become much more fun, more interesting, more comfortable, and a more peaceful experience.

I love the process of reinvention, as I learn who I am truly becoming.

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