The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Awakening

Every now and then, we have experiences in our lives which bring on the sense of Awakening.

To feel “awaken” is your soul telling you, “this was meant to happen for you to move forward to Enlightenment”.  Your mind, body, and soul have been awakened to experience the outcome of understanding or enlightenment in a certain area of your life.

I was fortunate to have experienced, what I like to call, “The Generosity Awakening” last week.  I had a woman, out of the blue, who lives clear across the Country, contact me to see if I would accept her Reiki practice for free (books, music, massage table, and various other fun supplies).  I was shocked and surprised at this message, as you can imagine, as I had never met this woman before.

This beautiful soul, mentioned she knew I would love her business as she did; it was important to her to pass it on to me.  She knew I would give her business the Love she had given it for many years.

After this message, I believe I sat in silence for at least 30 minutes, feeling an Awakening!  My heart was full of gratitude and love!

When you experience something in your life to help open your heart, mind, body, and soul, you have experienced an Awakening.  My Awakening has encouraged me to pass on her generosity in ways of Acts of Kindness.

I will Love her business!  I will share the knowledge in the books, I will share the music she has produced, and I will share positive energy which you find with Reiki.

Good Vibes Only!

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