The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Escape Into Music

My Absolute Favorite Thing To Do!!!  Escape Into Music!

When I’m feeling the possibility of the little creature coming from around the corner we call STRESS, I put on some of my favorite music and sing along!  To be honest, I sound like a cat having a stroke when I sing, but I don’t care!  The happiness it brings me to try and belt out a song, makes me so happy that I forget what could be coming my way.

In fact, it helps put a different “lighter” perspective in my mind, so that when that little creature we call Stress “attempts” to ruin my day, it doesn’t stand a chance!

When you think about it, Music is the best invention ever made!  When there was no lights, power, gas, running water, or any of the things we take for granted today, there was still people singing and making music even if it was on a wash board – it brought Joy and Happiness to them.

I will forever be grateful for music – it changes lives, relationships, and in fact it can change the World!

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