The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Laugh Out Loud

Laugh Out Loud!  There is nothing more fun to listen to than someone having a great laugh!  Therapeutic to say the least!  Laughing is contagious, not only does it make you smile but it makes your heart feel so much more happier!

When I managed an Administrative Assistant Team, we decided before our day started, we would have a good laugh!  We would find something that was funny to start our day with; this set the tone for our day!  We worked better as a Team, we found the good in everything, and it brought us closer as women.  We could laugh at the small things and share our Joy in everything that crossed our paths – together.

I referred to this as Laughology 101!  Every morning we knew we were going to start our day this way; it was a great thing to look forward too.

Laugh Out Loud!  Let the World hear your laugh and the happiness that it brings.  Pay attention to little babies or children who start giggling or even the person that laughs because they are tired.  This is contagious and should be shared – more laughter is needed; it takes your stress away.

Good Vibes Only!


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