The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Past Lives

When I think of “past lives”, I look at it in a different perspective than most people do.

Past Lives could refer to the life we lived in the Past (years ago) or Past Lives could refer to just that, an altogether previous lifetime.

In my life, there have been times when I’ve met someone, looked at a stranger, remembered being somewhere, thinking I heard a conversation before when actually it was the first time, and even looking at a picture of a place and thinking to myself, “I’ve been there before”.

The thought then comes across my mind, “well here we are together again!”  or my most recent expression, “okay, let’s do this thing!”

I’ve stopped questioning the feeling behind why this is happening to me in my life, instead when it does happen I’ve taken on a different perspective.  These people, places, and things are back in my life for a reason and no matter what I am going to make this experience a positive one.

I have learned not to question just who these people were in my lifetimes, instead I accept them.

We all have feelings of comfort with certain individuals we meet, could this be a sign they were in our previous lives?

So many questions, but the great thing I’ve learned is whether or not these feelings of comfort I get from these people, places, and things are related to a past life, I look at it in my life now that I’ve gained a sense of comfort and I will not question as to why.

Past lives is a topic that has many questions and potential answers, but in the meantime, we will all experience the feelings of “don’t I know you from somewhere?” Enjoy the comfort this feeling brings rather than trying to question it.

Good Vibes Only

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