The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When Your Heart Breaks

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking about the feeling of when your heart breaks.  The feeling of your heart breaking is probably the worst, not only does it affect your heart, but it also affects every other part of your body.

Your eyes look sad, your tummy is empty, your smile is gone, your mind plays tricks on you, you feel tired all the time but cannot get to sleep, you are numb from your head to your toes, and the worst of it, is you question whether or not you deserved this pain.

We will all feel this horrible experience at some point in our lives, but I suppose the first step to healing is telling yourself, you are not alone.  When your heart breaks, you feel alone; something that is very hard to conquer.  Like I say, the first step is to tell yourself, there are others out there experiencing the same feeling, even at the exact same time.  This thought will take away the first 10% of sadness you are feeling.

Once you have comforted yourself knowing you are not alone, you tell yourself, “I can pass this test”.  When our heart breaks, it is a test of strength, no matter what the cause could be that brought us to this place.  The test of strength is HUGE!  Be strong enough to know this feeling will pass, be strong enough to allow yourself to cry.  Crying is the best to rid yourself of the hurt.  Strength is gained once we can shed those tears to free up space in our minds to heal.  Remember your mind is a very powerful tool to have in your life.

Remain positive in your mind, knowing if you allow yourself to go through the motions, happiness is just around the corner.

There is no time limit on healing, but when we harness what life is trying to teach us, instead of fighting the pain, we will come out of it with a lesson learned, or memories that have taught us that it is okay to move forward with the next chapter in our lives.

We are constantly given challenges; some we may come out of it on top, others not so much, but in changing our reaction, our ways of acceptance, and the love for ourselves, these challenges won’t be so hard to deal with.  They will be accepted, not by feeling hurt, but rather by feeling at peace with ourselves and confident knowing you will become a better person because of these experiences.

We never look forward to having our heart-break, but like I say, “that is life, that is how we grow, and that is what makes our eyes open up to see what good can come out of a bad situation.




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