The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Live Happier Every Single Day

I know when you read the title of this post, “Live Happier Every Single Day”, you may think to yourself, “ya…right!”  I will be honest, in the past, I was guilty of having just this mindset.

Guess What?  I changed my thoughts, my perspective, and I thought to myself, “what can it hurt?”  You can do the same; you can change your very own way of thinking.  I know it isn’t easy to wake up and change your morning thoughts, but it can happen.  Wake up and instead of thinking to yourself, “oh crap, I’ve got to go to work!”, think, “thank goodness I’m alive!”

I started doing this, and it worked!  I used to wake up and think, “I can’t wait for Friday when I could just sleep in; I want this day to be over already”, this just set the tone for the day to be filled with regret and negativity.  I then woke up one day and thought, “my gosh, I’m lucky to be able to have a bed to sleep in, and I’m still able to get up and see another beautiful day!”

Gratitude set in!

When I had this breakthrough, I then felt happier each and every single day.  Granted, I still had my challenges in life, just like everyone else, however, I was able to smile through them.  Something I much rather do!

Give It A Try!  Wake Up Happy!  Maybe you will spread this contagious awakening to others!  Who knows?  I think it is worth a shot!

Good Vibes!

10 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Live Happier Every Single Day

  1. I don’t know how long ago this was published, but you’ve got the key here…gratitude is the essential building block at any age! Even more helpful in elderhood, which is where I am. Thanks so much for the follow! I find your site engaging. Following you back! I’ll enjoy the trip!

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