The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Life’s Laundry

There are times in life, where certain things need to be cleaned up!  I call it, “Life’s Laundry”.

Everyone has their experiences in life that need a good cleaning!  Just because you have something negative happen in your life, does not mean it can’t be cleaned up to become a benefit.

Whether it is a second chance at something, rectifying a problem, or fixing a relationship, not matter what, it can all be cleaned up.  We then come out of it with a positive outlook at what we learned along the way.

If we do not make an attempt at cleaning up our challenges, then our dirty laundry will linger.  This only causes regret and bad/hurt feelings.  We need to love ourselves enough to go that extra mile to clean up to bring positive resolutions.

Dirty laundry needs to be cleaned and in doing so will bring not only wisdom, but less bricks on our shoulders.  The response you may receive while trying to clean the laundry of life, may not always be positive, but know this, by attempting to clean up a mess, this will leave you with no regrets.

Let’s make every day laundry day and keep our lives as clean as possible.


Good Vibes Only!

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