The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – “Yet”

I couldn’t help but think of when I was in elementary school, and the countless times I would say to the teacher, “I don’t get it?”  The Teacher would just repeat the same thing I was not getting over and over, until finally I just said, “okay, I get it”, just to get her to stop talking as I was getting more and more frustrated.

I often wonder why when someone says, “I don’t get it”, they are not told, “you don’t get it – yet.”  The word, “yet” at the end of the sentence clearly gives hope, rather than frustration.  When you think about this concept, automatically tells you, “you will understand.”

Yet = Hope

I’ve started to use this concept when I find I’m not understanding a person or a situation, and to be honest, it has calmed me and I do not feel any frustration in not understanding.  I tell myself, I may not understand this person yet, but I will eventually.  This has also helped me to not respond based on not having a clear understanding;  I’m grateful for this, as I do not assume.  For example, I ask more questions, which creates a better dialogue between me and another person.  To this person, by asking more questions, also shows more interest in the conversation.

Yet = Not Assuming

Yet = Clear Communication

Funny how one little word can make a huge difference in a positive approach to learning, a positive approach to understanding and a positive approach to communicating.

With Good Vibes Only!  

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