The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Home Is Where The Heart Is

There was a time where I was led to believe, once you had a home, you lived in it for ever and ever.  This is why it was called, “home”; the truth is completely different.

Home Is Where The Heart Is!

My life, took me to many different cities, where I lived in many homes.  To me, I was on an adventure and every time I moved to a new home, gave me the opportunity to dive into more creativity when decorating or settling in too my new place.  The most important thing I thought of, was how grateful I was to have my family moving with me.

My home had my heart, not because of the four walls, but because I was fortunate to have my family with me.  I moved so much, I should have owned a moving company, but seriously, I moved to not only grow with my career at the beginning, but to eventually care-give for both my parents before they passed away.  I have no regrets in my decisions and that is what counts!

It didn’t matter the circumstance, I harnessed the opportunity to live in communities that were new to me.  Even when I moved to look after my parents when they were diagnosed with Cancer, I made the best of this situation.  My parents were old tradition, where you stayed in one home and that was it, but when I moved in with them to look after them, I turned their home into something fun.  I figured by bringing a little change in color and decor would put a smile on their faces.  I’m happy to report, it did in fact help them to see just how a change in wall color could bring so much positive to their World which unfortunately had changed.

Home Is Where The Heart Is!  It doesn’t matter where you live or how many times you move, the truth is, as long as you have heart, everything turns out great!

It has been a long time (14 years for my Mom and 12 1/2 years for my Dad) since my parents passed away, but I will always remember how, by even changing the color on their walls, brought to them a warmer Heart!  The color took their minds off of the battles they were fighting.  I could not physically “move” my parents, so I suppose I brought the “move” to them.  I created a new home for them, with their already existing home.

If you don’t have the opportunity to move to a new home, that is okay and totally understandable.  I get it!  If you can, I would highly recommend a little change in color every now and then; makes you feel like you are actually living somewhere else without moving.

There are so many great things that come when you move to a new home or community, or even change up your existing home; new adventure, new environment, and of course a new home to live in.  The best thing that happens, is your heart grows warmer and more fulfilled.


Home Is Where The Heart Is – All Part Of The Good Vibes Only Roadshow North American Tour – 2024!  

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