The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Facing Fear

Today has been a bit of a wake up call for my family and I, in more ways than one.  Together we (my husband, our daughter, and I) manage an apartment building with 130 apartments in it; today we faced the sound of the fire alarms going off.

Fortunately, because of an ice storm we had last night, the build up of ice had triggered the sensors numerous times to set the fire alarm off;  we did not have an actual fire.  Very grateful!

The tenants in our building are 75% Senior Citizens; the ages in this 75% range from 65 to 101 years old.  I will be honest, the first sound of the fire alarm made me fearful for everyone in the apartment building, but especially for the seniors who are over 80 years old and have mobility problems.  The reality of the situation frightened me, not for me, but for them.

Once we were all in the lobby area, I also saw some frightened children crying; between the elderly and the crying children, it hit me – fear can easily take over a situation and how hard it is to not let it show.

We were speaking and comforting tenants with anxiety and panic issues, so much that we forgot about our own.  When we focused on them, we forgot about ourselves.  I suppose our care and concern for our tenants took over, and to me I am extremely grateful for doing this with my husband and our daughter.

Once it was established the actual cause of the alarms going off, and everyone was back in their apartments, I came into our own apartment and sat on the couch and found myself in shock at what I just experienced; not so much the panic of it all, but in fact watching 130 family’s actually come together as one.  In fear, all their differences were non-existent; why did it take fear to bring people together?  My answer to this question – they needed each other.

At the end of the day, we all need each other, but let us need each other in joy and happiness and not in fear.

Wishing you all an endless amount of Good Vibes – I am and will be forever grateful for my family, our tenants and all of you!



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