The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Grandma and Juicy Fruit

I am a firm believer to take a moment each day, to think back to your childhood memories, and cherish all the good.

For me, I will never forget my Mom taking me out to my Grandma’s house on the farm.  I loved going there to see her; every time we went to visit, meant I could run around with all her dogs on the farm.  I am a “HUGE” dog lover!  Dogs were always my comfort in life!

In elementary school, I was a chubby kid; although I was happy with who I was, my Mom always wanted me to lose, “just a little bit of weight”.  At the time, I always thought my Mom wanted me to lose weight for what I looked like on the outside, but in fact she was more concerned about the effects of my weight for my health.  I figured that out later in life, but as a kid I didn’t get that concept.  This was another reason I loved going to the farm to visit my Grandma.

You see, when my Grandma would hear my Mom tell me I couldn’t have one of her cookies because of “watching my weight”, she would always have this view to share with me:

“You don’t need to diet, just suck it in Jacqueline!”

I would have a huge smile on my face, sucked it in, and she would then give me a pack of Juicy Fruit gum which she always kept on hand.

I learned at a very young age, due to my Grandma’s wisdom, it is all in your attitude!  Having a fun spirit, a free spirit, and a loving spirit, you can conquer anything!  I’ve kept that piece of my Grandma with me to this day!  When you are happy and not putting pressure on yourself, then even weight issues will no longer be issues.

So today, in honor of my Grandma, I think I will go and buy a pack of Juicy Fruit with Good Vibes Only!


14 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Grandma and Juicy Fruit

  1. Haha, I love her advice “suck it in” 🙂 and “It’s all in your attitude” advice is so important, too. One of my best memories of my maternal grandma was a hug full of so much love that she gave me. This is on of the best good-vibes-only memory I have.

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  2. It’s always nice to look back and to reminisce on some old and fond memories. Grandmas are very sweet. Your post reminded me of my past experiences with my grandma. Every time I buy a fluffy mamon, I am reminded of her very much. Great post I enjoyed it very much 😊

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