The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -Daily Journal

The best thing I ever started to do was to keep a daily journal.  It is more than a diary; it is all your hopes and dreams.

I started a daily journal many years ago; not only did it have in it what I experienced each day, but it had all my goals, dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

As time went by, and I found myself needing to heal certain areas in my life, I used my journal in a whole new way.  We all experience people in our lives that set out to cause negativity in our World, and at times, they are unapproachable to discuss these issues with.  My journal then became my sounding board.

I would write letters to these people in my journal, not to be sent to them, but instead to write out all I was feeling about them or the situation they created in my life.  We all have people like that, at some point in our life, but not all relationships can heal at the time we need them too.  Writing letters to them in my journal became therapeutic for me.  I was able to write out my true feelings, release the pain and the bricks from my shoulders, and then before I knew it, I was able to forgive.

Some people do not realize what they have done to a person, until later on in life; others can figure it all out sooner, but for the most part, the ego gets in the way.  I suppose we can all be guilty of this, at some point in our lives, but sometimes by owning what we have done to others, shows that person they truly matter.

In time, those that matter, do own up to what they have done; it could have been such a small little argument, but they could have been afraid to even deal with it.  We all learn as we go, we heal as we go, and have our own realizations as we go.  It is all about time.

My journal became like a great friend to me; I was able to vent, heal, and then forgive.

My journal was the foundation for being able to start The Good Vibes Only Roadshow.  I find it is important to create outlets for ourselves; journals are the first step!

With Good Vibes Only I Wish You A Fabulous Sunday!


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