The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Just Like Riding A Bike

I wish I had a dime for every single time I heard the phrase, “don’t worry, it’s just like riding a bike.”  I felt like saying, “you obviously haven’t flown over the handle bars before!!”  Something I really didn’t want to entertain doing again!

On a serious note, life really is like riding a bike; you must continue to get back on that bike and keep trying.  Try new things!!  If you give up on something important to you, then you would never really know or experience the greatness of that “something”.  You would never know the joy, the love, and the over-the-top happiness it could bring to your life.  Now, missing out on the greatness would actually be like flying over the handle bars!

We live life knowing, things don’t happen overnight; it’s when we give up we never really know what we are missing out on.  I would much rather keep trying, and whether or not it turns out to be something great or so-so, at least I kept riding along until I figured it all out.

Once you learn to ride a bike, you never really forget how to do it.  Just like trying new things, you will never forget your first experience at it.  You may not get it right the first time, but in time you will get the hang of it.

There is mystery in life, the unknown, the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and the fear of failure.  What have you really got to lose?  Do not let the negativity of fear stop you from creating experiences.  By not giving up, that bike you keep riding will become Golden!

With Good Vibes Only – Get Back On That Bike!  It will be worth it!!!

9 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Just Like Riding A Bike

  1. If I let fear have its way, I’d have give up my lifestyle, sell my RV, and move back into a house. Almost every day I have to deal with fear in one form or another.
    I used to say I was slaying the dragon when I pushed the fear. I have learned, I am only riding the dragon.

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