The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Judging What You Don’t Understand

Yesterday, I watched a popular sports broadcast where they had an “icon” on to interview.  I couldn’t believe how he started the interview – by criticizing people taking pictures of their food.

He took up most of his air time criticizing these people!  I had to shake my head for a moment, but then it occurred to me, he just doesn’t know anything outside his own expertise.  Which is sad!  Some people will refer to this as being completely close-minded, but I look at it as not knowing any better.  He was judging what he didn’t understand.

All he knows is judgement which is sad.  I actually found myself feeling sorry for him.  These people who were taking pictures of their food, could have well been “food bloggers”.  Something both you and I understand, but to him, who has only allowed himself to know one thing in his life, he found flaws instead of potential.

I still have hope for him, as with his comments being televised, I can guarantee the comments he has received will be an eye-opener for him and then perhaps he will then find himself diving into the creative aspect of blogging and the positives it can bring.

My message this morning is this:

Please do not judge people before you have had the opportunity to really get to know them, get to know what their “passions” are in life, and get to know what brings them happiness.  At the end of the day, this is what is important – what makes each and every one of us Happy!!

8 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Judging What You Don’t Understand

  1. Wow. Uncanny. I rarely watch TV but my husband had it on and I walked by and happened to catch this exact clip. I couldn’t believe it lol. You have written a great way to look at it. I felt better about it after reading your post because I got stirred up by it too. I think it is wonderful that we can now capture and share the things that bring us JOY! And I love seeing people’s food. lol. When I work with business coaching clients who say, “Why would I care what someone ate for breakfast”. I reply back “You would care if they were posting their crunchy granola and you sold crunchy granola, get it 😉 😉 🙂 Thanks for your take on this!

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