The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Gossip In The Group!

We’ve all known one or two in our lives, you know, the gossip in the group!  They like to change a true story into something that suits them, they like to degrade someone one minute, while being loyal to them the next, and they will tell your secrets to just about anyone when in fact, they told you they would honor your confidence.  You know how it goes!

I’m here to change the whole perspective on how we look at these individuals who like to Gossip!

Many years ago, I used to let these people get under my skin, which would then cause me nothing but stress and anxiety.  The question would be, “how could they do this to me?”  Then it dawned on me – they are suffering themselves.

I have known many gossips in my life and in fact, I still do, but the difference today is that I have compassion for them.  Gossips struggle with so many things in life, it isn’t even funny.  Low self-esteem, low drive, low self-worth, and low just about everything else in life.  Most have been emotionally abused and have not been introduced to ways of helping themselves.

Gossips love the company in their misery.  To be honest, why wouldn’t they want company, as they are lonely.  They are lonely in their pain and emotional suffering.  Gossiping is all they know to bring them some form of comfort.

I find it very sad, at times, that certain Gossips cannot stop; it is their addiction.

I live my life showing compassion and empathy to Gossips; they haven’t found their right path yet.  I have hope that one day they will, so their actions can stop hurting people, especially the people they are supposed to love the most in their lives.  Little do they know, most people are savvy to Gossips; they know half the words that come out of their mouths are not true.

With sharing positive acts of kindness to these individuals, may help trigger something in their minds to tell them, “okay, maybe it is time to stop all this negativity and focus on something good.”

It takes a Village to raise a family and to support someone; we all need to share this mentality with the Gossips who cause some form of emotional harm to another.  It will take a Village to help them change, help them to forgive themselves, and to help them be free.

With Good Vibes Only – One Gossip at a Time!



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