The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Kicking It Old School

Over the weekend, we had a Winter Storm, which still hasn’t left yet.  Spring?  Are you there yet??

During this storm, our power was out for a period of time, which made us “kick it old school!”  We had more conversations that did not require “texting”, we did some writing that required a “pen and paper”, and we picked up books to read.  To be honest, it was refreshing!

It made me think of all the technology we take for granted.

I learned to type on a “manual” typewriter, I remember 8-track tapes, when we watched TV we had 3 channels to choose from and we actually had to get up of the couch to change the channel!  Boy how spoiled we have become 😊

Once the power came back on, I found myself missing the past, missing how great it was to sit down and actually write a letter to someone, put it in an envelope, write their address on the front, and mail it; waiting for weeks to receive their response in the mail.  The anticipation of waiting to receive a letter from a friend or family member was like Christmas morning.

I highly recommend, “kicking it old school” every now and then; not only does it give us a chance to walk down memory lane, but it gives us a sense of gratitude for what we take for granted today.

Kick It Old School With Good Vibes Only!



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