The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Scar Tells A Story

There are good and bad stories a scar can tell; the way I look at it, the story should be about survival.

There is Beauty in your scar and how you survived.  It could have been something very minor, but then it could have been something devastating; the key is you are still here and still living – you are a beautiful person!

I find beauty in all scars; they show strength and courage.  Until we go through life experiences, whether it is an accident, a birth (c-section), a health related surgery, or by even cooking (accidents can happen), we don’t realize how a scar can remind us of what we experienced.  A scar tells us, just how lucky we are to have survived!

I know scars are not always fair, and I show an endless amount of compassion for your experience behind the scar; I also feel compassion for you as a living person, I feel compassion towards helping you see that your beauty comes from within.  Do not let a scar define who you are.  Every single day will get better 💕

For some, scars can be a vanity issue because the memories are not always good, however, those memories have made us who we are today, and because of your survival, your scar makes you even more beautiful.

With Good Vibes Only, Let Your Scar Tell Your Story 💕 

Share Your Story With Others 💕 Share Survival


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