The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Truth Will Set You Free

Live Your Truth!  The Truth Will Set You Free!

One of the most powerful quotes I’ve heard is, “The Truth Will Set You Free!”  Can you imagine the feeling of having the weight off your shoulders just by living your truth?  Can you imagine the freedom you will feel if you stay “true” to what you are passionate about?  Can you imagine how beautiful your World would seem if you stayed “true” to you and only you?

I was raised in a time where my parents had all the control of what career would “suit” me, or at the very least the career they “thought” would suit me.  I did not have the option to go to University or College to pursue my dreams, instead I was told what I was going to do for my career.

I do not fault my parents for this, as their intentions were good, but it wasn’t until they were fighting the battle of their lives, where they admitted they had regrets they didn’t allow me to further my education in something I was passionate about.  This experience left me with the drive to promote “following your dreams” and “to be true to who you are” in raising my daughter.

Could you imagine just how much this World would change in a positive way if everyone were to “truthfully” be who they were meant to be?  Negativity and frustration, at times, stem from being unhappy.  Unhappy with a career, relationships, and unhappy with who we have become.  I just wonder if the population were to stop, think about what truly makes them happy, follow those dreams, and let their own truths set them free, what type of World this would become.

Would there be as much negativity?  Would there be people fighting each other?

I’d like to think this World would be closer to being at Peace if we all Let Our Truth Set Us Free!

With Good Vibes Only 😊

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