The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Bring Flowers

Way back in the day, the 1970’s until 2003 to be exact, I remember every time my parents would be invited out for dinner, my Mom and Dad would make sure to bring flowers to the Host/Hostess of the evening.

It didn’t matter if it was family, friends, or business colleagues; Mom and Dad would bring flowers.

I always thought how considerate that was of my Mom and Dad to do that; it showed a great appreciation for being invited for dinner and it also put a smile on the face of the Host/Hostess throwing the dinner party.

At times, people started expecting the flowers when Mom and Dad would show up for their party; over time, they were known for the gift of flowers.

I suppose it isn’t so much about the gift, it is the fact of setting the tone as a guest, and Mom and Dad did that the minute they were welcomed into the party.  They brought smiles and happiness with being thoughtful.

It doesn’t cost anything to be thoughtful; just a positive thought!  Your words can be the biggest gift someone can receive; words of consideration, words of kindness, and words of love will set the tone.

Bring Flowers or Bring Kind Words With Good Vibes Only!



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