The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Driving Down A Country Road

One of my favorite things to do, is going for a long drive in the country.  Get out of the City!!  Breath again!

There is something about driving in the country; very little traffic, peaceful, people are not honking at you if you want to “do the speed limit”, and you can role your window down and take in fresh air 😉

I highly recommend, setting aside some time, to just experience the peacefulness of escaping into the country.  You can actually find a nice place to park (without paying for it) and get out and walk around with no noise.

In the country, you will actually notice more colors, hear nature, and feel the joy of silence.  What a gift to have the option to take a break from this busy World and take a drive in the Country.  Sometimes, that’s all that is needed to regroup, to have a moment of peace, and to remember how nice it is to have the option of serenity.

With Good Vibes Only, Take A Drive Down A Country Road And Enjoy Peace 💖



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