The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -Think Before You Speak

Wow!!  What a day!  The common denominator – think before you speak!

I’m not sure if it is the moon, the planet doing something funky, or just the universe in general, but WOW!!  I couldn’t believe my ears today!  The only thing I could come up with was, “think before you speak!”

We all have some people who cross our paths for a reason; for the most part it is all one huge test.  The test of strength!

Today had me think back to a time where, aside from being reminded to always say, “please and thank you”, I learned to always “think before I spoke.”  My Mom would always say, “Jacqueline, always think before you respond to someone; there will be those who will not always be nice to you, but it will be your response that will stay with you forever.”  She was right!

Today, listening to one angry person after another (for no reason I might add – it was a “just because they felt like it” kind of day) you would have thought this should have warranted a good old-fashioned “telling off”, but for me I remembered what my Mom taught me.  Yet another Gift from the past.

I’m glad I listened!

Our response always seems to dictate who we are; not just in the moment, but it will stay with us for a very long time.  As time goes by, even over the years and as we change our ways for the better, it seems if we had responded in a negative way in the past, this will hang over our heads for a very long time.  This is unfortunate, but yet true.

For the short period of time it takes, we need to think before we speak!  There is enough negativity out there, we don’t need to add to it!

With Good Vibes Only – Think Before You Speak 😊😊


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