The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Travel Is Good For The Soul

I used to related travel to money and not so much my soul!  Sad I know!  Yes, to travel does cost money, but at times it doesn’t have too.

To dream of a vacation for me, usually is to a hot destination that would require me to fly, which of course would cost quite a bit of money.  Most people spend two weeks out of the year on a vacation, which requires a year of savings, if you are lucky.  The thought of only having two weeks a year to have a holiday was exhausting.  The two weeks would go by so fast, only to have a year drag by until the next two-week vacation.

I looked at this as “an old school” thought process.

Then it hit me!  Why can’t I make every weekend I’m off, work as a vacation?  Why not?  I turned “going for a walk” into a vacation.  It was my form of escape!  I would allow myself to daydream while I was walking, visualizing an entire different place.  My walk turned into a creative get-away.

Before I knew it, I was trying new restaurants, new venues, new stores, and meeting new people.  The city I lived in, slowly became “new” to me, like being on a vacation.

Travel is good for the soul, there is no doubt about that, but if you can create a get-away with what you already have, not only gives you something to look forward too every weekend (or on your day off), but it helps to open your mind to trying new things that have been staring at you from day one.

I find my days off have now become something to look forward to even more; I actually find that I do not need that two-week vacation once a year like I used too, as my weekends have brought me fulfillment without a cost.

With Good Vibes Only – I Wish You Travel For Your Soul 💖


10 thoughts on “The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Travel Is Good For The Soul

  1. I once camped out in my backyard overnight while dreaming of buying a trailer to travel in. I locked up the house and slept in the back of my SUV, built a campfire in the driveway and turned off all of the lights. It isn’t always about our location.

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