The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – We Are One!

I often think to myself, “I wonder if the Bullies know WE are one.

I have come across an endless amount of Bullies in my life; it started in elementary school, and in fact, has not stopped, and I’m 50 years old!

Here is how I deal with the Bullies: 

When I am the target of a Bully, I am more kind, more compassionate, include them in conversation, I’m more giving, I smile more at them and I participate more with them.  You may be shaking your head after reading that, however at some point, the Bully then gives up.  They realize, their actions were not warranted, their actions came from a dark place inside of themselves, and their actions were a complete waste of time.

Here is a secret:  My day is no different from anyone else’s!  Guess what?  Hallelujah!  I just converted one!  From Bully to Free Spirit!!  It only took me 5 minutes of conversation and a smile!  The beauty of the tears I saw welling up in her eyes, as I was talking to her, was a gift to me!  This meant, her healing was going to start!  She needed to let go and know that it was okay to be vulnerable.

Every Bully is suffering; remember that misery that loves company?  Unfortunately, that is the core of a Bully – PAIN!

I know it is hard to face the verbal or physical abuse of a Bully, and it is okay to have someone with you to do so, but with our strength and compassion for this person, this will not only show them that “We Are One” in this World, but it will give them the comfort and support they have been craving all their lives.  Not everyone is a Bully just because they want to be.  Their life experiences and/or possibly the abuse they had from a family member, just to give you some examples, made them into one.

With Good Vibes Only – Face Your Bully With A Smile and Kindness – You Will Feel Better For It – We Are One💖

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