The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Did I Miss Something?

Did I miss something?  All the years I spent in school from Kindergarten to Grade 12, I didn’t recall the boys being taught anything different from the girls.  I even had boys in my sewing and cooking classes, as well, I saw some of my female friends taking woodworking and mechanics.  The curriculum was gender neutral.

Then over the past 32 years, since I graduated, I’ve watched our kids, their friends, our other family members, other friends, and colleagues attend College and University; there was the same theme, boys and girls, men and women learned the same.  There was no adjustment to the curriculum based on gender.

Having said this, then why is there a possibility the pay structure will be different between men and women once they start their careers?

For example, if you look at one woman and one man; same GPA, starting their very first job in the same company, then why is there a possibility their pay may be different?

I know this topic is a “oh boy…don’t go down that road”, kind of topic, but I really think we need to find a logical answer to this question.  I listen and watch the news, I watch award shows, and I even read about a March every now and then; why is this even an issue?

I didn’t think our brains, which consumes all our knowledge was being judged by our gender.  I would like to think, we wouldn’t be judged based on something as gender, which is so beautiful and should be celebrated.

With Good Vibes Only!

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