The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Soul Family

As I’ve mentioned before, my family and I manage a large apartment building.  Yesterday, we had a tenant (the husband) rushed to the hospital with a possible stroke.  This family, has over a short period of time, become one of importance to my own family.  I refer to them as our “soul” family.

We found ourselves, extremely concerned for him and his family, to the point where worry and sadness had taken over.  Once the husband left in the ambulance, I went to his wife and immediately comforted her; my husband then drove her to the hospital to be by her husband’s side.  She was not able to drive due to her own sadness.

My husband and I were in constant contact with the adult kids of this beautiful couple; they have connected with us in this way as well.

As a family, we spent the day consumed with our own memories of our parents, who had been in the same position as this family, so it seemed very real to us.

The emotions we were feeling made us realize, these people were 100% our Soul Family.  They are not blood related, but yet they have given us the feeling of love as a family should.  When you meet people who you instantly care for and show compassion towards, is a gift.

The unconditional love you receive and feel is the gift you receive to share with the rest of the World.

Yes, we have a “traditional” blood related family, but then we also meet our “soul” family as we live our lives.  Souls meet and a bond is made, don’t  fight the reason “why”, just accept this gift and learn.

As the day slowly went by, we found out he had experienced a seizure and not a stroke and was doing much better; in fact, he came back home later that day.

Prayers were answered!!

We learned something special yesterday:  enjoy every minute of every day, enjoy and embrace your family and soul family, and love unconditionally like you have never loved before.

With Good Vibes Only – Love!


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