The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – People Admiring (Watching)

Whenever my parents would go to the mall for some shopping, my Dad would wait on the bench and “people watch”, as he would like to say.  As a young child, I could never understand, why he was wanting to “watch” a person.  What was he looking for?

Over time, I decided to change “people watching” into “people admiring”; it sounded better!😉

It is human nature to look and watch other people, but you really don’t hear the term, “I’m admiring that person”, if asked why you are looking at them.  Every now and then you may hear it, but for the most part, people are just watching.

We live in an age where if you are caught in the act of “watching” someone, the labels start.  Stereotypes are not the most pleasant, but I believe if we focus on compliments rather than stares, then not only are you making someone’s day, but you are starting to change a persona.

In my own little World,  I started what I call the “People Admiration Project”.  When I see a complete stranger and they, for whatever reason, stand out to me, I’m going to compliment them.  If they stand out to me in concern, then I’m going to ask, “is everything okay?”  Either way, this individual will know that someone cares.  Sometimes that’s all that is needed.

The World we live in has become one of, “you can’t do this, and you can’t do that”, everyone is so guarded and I understand why, but it is time to drop the shield and become One again.  If you see someone looking sad, you can acknowledge them.  It truly is okay to do so.  You may be saving someone without even knowing it, by just asking if they are okay.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling someone, “you have a beautiful smile”, “you have beautiful eyes”, or “I love what you are wearing, do you mind if I ask where you bought that?”  To be honest, what if this person you just complimented, was under mental/emotional abuse just hours before from their significant other?  By complimenting them, you just helped “just a little bit”, to give them some self-esteem.

You don’t know someone’s story, especially a complete stranger, never assume, they may need your kind words, more than you know.

With Good Vibes Only – Compliment The People You Are Admiring 💖 It Will Go A Long Way!



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