The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Stop Saying Sorry

I had a great conversation with my husband this morning; why do people say, “sorry” quite a bit when they haven’t done anything wrong?

Yes, there are times where we need to apologize for our actions, especially if we have hurt someone’s feelings, but this mornings conversation was focused more around saying, “thank you” rather than “sorry” when we haven’t hurt someone’s feelings.

For example, if someone were to say to you, “I told you that last week; don’t you remember?”  For the most part, the first thing we would say, would be, “oh, sorry, I forgot”.  Instead, we came up with this instead, “thank you for reminding me!”

We should not feel as if we have to apologize for the littlest thing that truly does not require an apology.  I’m guilty of saying, “sorry” at times; I’ve been told it is a Canadian thing (I’ve even seen this on a television commercial, believe it or not), but regardless, I’ve done it myself.  When we discussed this topic this morning, I looked at my husband and said, “you know what, you are right!”  He got me thinking!!

Today, I started really thinking about saying, “thank you” instead.  By doing so, I am showing more gratitude by saying, “thank you” if I ever find myself wanting to say, “sorry”.  Not only will this make you stop and think first before you respond, but it will help create a more positive conversation.

Another potential scenario would be, “why did you say that to me; you really offended me”, this happens in life, we don’t intentionally set out to hurt someone, but at times, it can happen.  Before you respond, think about this potential response, “thank you for bringing that to my attention; I’m sorry I offended you.”  Yes,  you are apologizing, BUT, you are showing gratitude towards this person BEFORE your apology.

I would like to believe this concept would help to bring forth more positive in everyone’s life.

It’s worth trying!

With Good Vibes Only – Stop Saying Sorry!


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