The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Gratitude On The Road

Living in Northern Ontario, we get A LOT OF SNOW!  It generally starts in November (sometimes late October) and lasts until the end of April.  The thaw lasts until mid-May!!  So it is a long season!

Depending on the severity of the Winter Storm; the roads are very well maintained!  With a combination of salt and sand, and the endless convoy of plow trucks, makes for safe driving conditions.

I feel it is very important to take the time to acknowledge “anyone” who works for a company who contributes to keeping our roads safe during this long winter season!  Not just here in Northern Ontario, but every place in this World of ours who experience snow and icy roads.

This job is a “24/7” job and at times, others can take their work they are doing for granted.  These people sacrifice their lives, time with their families, and sleep for that matter, to work through storms to keep us as safe as possible.

I, personally, can’t thank these individuals enough!  I know the job isn’t easy, but it is appreciated more than they know!

With Good Vibes Only – Gratitude On The Road 💖

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