The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Beautiful Blue Sky

Yesterday, we started our one week holiday!  We decided to go on a family get-away!  We are just 3 hours away from where we live, but to be honest, I feel like we are in a different Country.  The sense of calm, peace, and total comfort is amazing, just by looking outside and looking at the Blue Sky!  Not one cloud; just beautiful!

This week, we are in no rush to “see all that we can see”, instead we are taking time to just “BE”.  We do have a couple plans during the week, but the beauty of this holiday is to rejuvenate.  We, as a family, haven’t taken a week off for approximately 12 years; we have had weekends where we went away and were so busy that we came home and thought, “boy, I could use a holiday”, but this time is different.  I am filled with so much gratitude to take this time.

Today, we are going to enjoy walking through the little town, enjoy the eclectic feel of the community and just take it all in, with the Blue Sky above!

With Good Vibes Only – A Beautiful Blue Sky!

blue sky blur clear sky color
Photo by Francesco Ungaro on

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