The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Bohemian Lifestyle

Bohemian:  A person, musician, artist, or writer who lives a free-spirited life and believes in truth, freedom and love!  ABSOLUTELY!!!  Who wouldn’t want to live this type of lifestyle?  You don’t need to be an artistic individual to crave this existence!

The truth is, I not always lived this type of lifestyle!  There was a time where I was caught up in the thought that life was all about monetary success and your environment needed to scream, “material girl!!”.  I look at that time in my life as allowing myself to be totally brainwashed into believing the old-fashioned traditions!  Thank Goodness I Snapped Out Of It!!

You don’t have to be a Hippie to live a Bohemian Lifestyle; it is a mindset, not a fashion statement!  Yes, the Bohemian lifestyle, when you look at decor, fashion, etc., is total eclectic and relaxed and I myself live this type of lifestyle in our home, but for others wanting this lifestyle, it is not a necessity to refurnish your home or go out and buy an entire new wardrobe.  You can focus on the mindset first!  The decor and wardrobe are a personal choice and in time, if you feel you are ready and “need” this in your life, then enjoy this transition.

The Bohemian Lifestyle has comforted me in my personal journey in not only finding peace in my life, but in creating The Good Vibes Only Roadshow blog and book.  I found a new comfort in my lifestyle; for this I have much gratitude!

A Lifestyle is a personal choice; the choice, if made with your heart, will bring  you Peace!

With Good Vibes Only – I Love My Bohemian Lifestyle 💖


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