The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Dreams at Night!

There is no way of explaining it, but for the most part my dreams I have a night are quite unique.  I have dreams of places I’ve never been, people I’ve never met, and even the odd Stephen King nightmare sneaks in there; guess I’m only human!

The one thing I’ve learned to do, over the years, is to listen to my dreams.  There are times, our dreams bring us comfort that we are needing during our waking hours.  There are times, our dreams bring us creative inspiration which fuels our dreams we have during the day.  There are also times, our dreams give us ideas on how to heal a broken relationship.  It is when we listen and tap into our dreams, we learn.

Sometimes dreams don’t make much sense at all, but if we write down what we remember from our dreams, in the future we may find we can apply what we learned to our life.

In the past, I would dismiss my dreams, and not really think about them.  Then I started to pay attention to the environment of my dreams and the conversations.  Not all my dreams made much sense, but the ones that did, I made sure to take note.

Our dreams happen for a reason; our subconscious is trying to tell us something that could possibly help us during the day.  Yes, we may not know anyone in our dreams, or we may have the odd nightmare, but for the most part, if we listen – we will learn.

With Good Vibes Only – Listen To Your Dreams At Night!




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