The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Remember You!

Over the past week, my family and I were on holidays!  We took a week off to reflect and rejuvenate.  We hadn’t had this opportunity to take an entire week off, for approximately 12 years.  The gift of this week was needed, and I am forever grateful to have had this time.

Once we arrived back home, I couldn’t help but think of two words, “Remember You!”

Many years ago, I was allowing everyone and everything to have the tightest grip on me and my life; it was stressing me right out!  There are no other words to describe it!  I had massive anxiety, I had fears, I was panicking; it just never seemed to end.  I was a bundle of nerves.  Then I had what I call a “ah-ha” moment – I Remembered Myself!

It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life, the pressures of all the things we let control us, and trying to keep up with everyone else; we tend to forget ourselves in the process.  Remember You!

At times, we can be consumed with anxiety, fear, stress, the need to be perfect in our careers, the expectations are so high – we cannot breathe!  Remember You!

We don’t want to be a disappointment, we let control take over, we find ourselves not knowing where to turn.  Remember You!


Life will have so many hurdles, bends in the road, challenges; so many!  Does it ever end?  It starts with Remembering You!

You have the control in your life; there isn’t one person or situation that has this control over you!  This is the first step in freeing yourself of anxiety.  I will repeat myself here:  There isn’t one person, or one situation that can have such a grip on “YOU” that you cannot overcome.  Believe In Yourself!  

I had to remind myself the following:

Only I am in charge of my happiness!

Only I can decide what is best for me – no one can decide that for me!

Only I can decided what career is good for me – no one can decide that for me!

Only I can love myself first!  No one can love me first!

Only I can decide my hobbies, my likes, my goals, my bucket list, my dreams, my hopes, my future, and My Everything!

At that moment, I refused to let anyone call the shots in my life!  I did this with love in my heart for myself!  I Remembered Me!

My entire life changed at this moment!  I was FREE!  I could BREATHE!  I could SMILE AGAIN!  Anxiety left ME!  I was FLOATING!  I loved MYSELF! I became PEACE!

With Good Vibes Only – Remember YOU! 


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