The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Perfection

It seems every single day, some people are out their striving for perfection!  Perfection in their appearance, perfection in their home, perfection in their cooking, perfection in their writing, perfection, perfection, perfection!!

Little do they know, they are already perfect the way they are.  Like the picture I have chosen for this blog post, animals do not know perfection, but yet they appear to have it all figured out!

Perfection is being in the NOW and accepting each other!  A dog and a cat in each others company with a sense of Peace!  To me, that is a state of perfection!

To live your life constantly thinking you need to be perfect on the outside for others to pay attention to, is such a stereotype!  It really is sad!  Be perfectly happy with who you are in your heart!  To be honest, is there one person out there in our World who is perfect in every area of their life?

The anxiety this pressure puts on individuals to be perfect is unnecessary!  If they only knew just how perfect they already are by having a heart, by showing acts of kindness, by loving, by sharing, by showing gratitude, by caring, and by showing respect.  These are perfect traits to have, they go a lot further than your appearance.

I, personally, admire the dog and the cat in this picture; you can’t get any more perfect than this!

With Good Vibes Only – Perfection 💖

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