The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – I Love Hearing From You!

Technology is convenient, but it has (at times) created distance.  I’m not complaining about technology, I just don’t want to forget the beauty of a telephone call.

When I say, “back in the day”, I don’t mean 30 years ago, in fact it is only approximately 15 years ago, we used to actually have to pick up the phone and use our voice!  Wow, can you imagine that concept!

I’m not talking about at your place of employment; I’m talking about reaching out to family and friends via the phone!  Oh to hear their voices again!  Yes, we can video chat, and that’s great, but what I’m getting at is hearing just the voice.

I can honestly say, our family probably uses the telephone or cell phone to make an actual call 20% of the time; the 80% is all texting.  I’d like to make a change for our family.  In fact, I can’t help but think of those we have lost; what we would do to just hear their voices again!  Yes, we have letters and cards with their handwriting on them, but it’s the voice we miss!

I remember when I would get a call from my friends; to hear their voices and sit there and visualize their face as they were talking to me, was part of the enjoyment of receiving their call.  When you think about it, technology has left nothing to the imagination in a conversation.  

The beauty of “hearing” their emotions in their voices, the happiness, the laughter, and even the sadness, without using Emoji’s, is something to be cherished!

I love hearing from my friends and family via telephone or cell phone; to hear the feelings put into their call is a true gift to receive.

With Good Vibes Only – I Love Hearing From You 💖


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