The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – When The Time Is Right!

When the time is right, it will present itself!

I used to think, if I pushed and pushed, then I could force, “when the time is right!”  Not the case!  When the time is right, you will see the signs!  You will feel it in your heart, you will literally see signs (could be on TV, could be in a conversation, or even from a complete stranger), and your soul will be speaking to you!  This is when you need to listen!

With regards to seeing the signs, for example, if you are wanting a new career, you will see the following:

  1. You could pick up a magazine and start reading and then POOF – there is an ad staring right at you with regards to the new career you would like.  Perhaps it is an ad for a “free” on-line course that you could apply to pursuing your new career.
  2. You could be driving down the highway and see a billboard with your dream career plastered all over it!
  3. You could turn on a TV show or documentary and there it is again!  Your dream job!

The signs are endless; it is when these signs start showing up, we need to start paying more attention.

We started doing this in our lives; lately those signs won’t stop showing up, which is fine by me!  This just tells me what we are planning, is the path we are meant to be on!

I’m glad I stopped forcing what wasn’t meant to happen at the time; it is when I let things happen when they were meant to happen is when things came to me faster.

When the time is right, it will happen!  You just need to be patient and pay attention to all the greatness around you.  Look outside the box, stay open to those signs presenting themselves, and let your heart guide you.

With Good Vibes Only – When The Time Is Right 💖

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