The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Rehab For Stress

Just a thought for the day…

As I’ve been creating my blog posts, the thought of creating a “rehab for stress” swirled around in my mind.

When stress takes over our lives, “some” dive into drugs and alcohol to cope.  Rehab for drugs and alcohol have been very popular due to the increase in life struggles, stress on the job, and in general, drug and alcohol use.  I often wondered, why a Spa seemed to be the only alternative for stress and relaxation; why not a Rehab for Stress!  Why not have an option for people to attend a rehab for stress before the drugs and alcohol kick in?

I feel it is so important to learn more about coping with stress in a healthy way, rather than “thinking” drugs and alcohol are the only alternative.  Some people have so much stress, they could use a place to go to, to not only rejuvenate, but learn how to cope at the same time.

We see commercials on television for rehab centers helping people with addictions, but you never seem them for learning to cope with stress.  At least, we don’t where we live!  If they do exist, then they definitely need more “air time” on television!!

Yes, I know part of the rehab for drug and alcohol use has a “coping with stress” component, but I would like to think having a rehab that is 100% based on helping people to cope with stress who “are not” on drugs or alcohol would be beneficial.  Why does a person have to have addictions to enter a rehab to help them deal with their lives?

Rehabilitate your life and your patterns to help deal with stress!

I like to look outside the box and see where we can really help people deal with their challenges, before it is too late.  More options, the better!

With Good Vibes Only – Rehab For Stress! 💖

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