The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Creating A Getaway!

In preparing for The Good Vibes Only Roadshow North American Tour (we still have 5 years before we hit the road), we decided to become familiar with the RV lifestyle now!

In a couple of weeks, we will have a trailer set up at one of our local RV sites; even though it is only 10 minutes away from where we live, it will become our “getaway” in the evenings and on weekends.

When you are making plans for either retirement or a large goal, I feel it is important to start familiarizing yourself with all the pro’s and con’s of the bigger picture.  For us, we have decided, this is a need in our lives; we need to create our getaway to not only rejuvenate (which is a necessity in life) but to also continue our journey with finding peace and sharing with others.

We are looking forward to not only being there, but creating a place that is filled with creativity and happiness.

You don’t necessarily need to buy a trailer and find an RV location to create your getaway; you can create your getaway with what suits your likes as well.  Whether your getaway is camping, weekend retreats, spa visits, retail therapy (a shopping weekend), or simply a room in your home that is used strictly for your hideout, it is all about getting creative with your space and what brings you peace in rejuvenating yourself.

Diving deep within yourself to find what is important to you!  Focus on what brings you happiness and then go for it!

Life is short, what are you waiting for!

With Good Vibes Only – Creating A Getaway! 💖


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