The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Just Breathe!

Just Breathe!  The two most important words we need to live by these days!

I know it can be hard, when we find ourselves overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening in our lives.  To be honest, the one thing that helps me to start relaxing with my breath, is knowing I’m not alone.  I have the entire World helping me along.

I never really thought I’d ever see the day, where the World would be working together, where everything else was put on the back burner.  Now this could go either way, holding your breath because of the shock the World is actually working together, or a relaxed breath with the comfort of knowing we are all one.  I try daily to focus on the calm, relaxed breath, knowing we are all one ❤❤

This change we are experiencing, came on quick; there is no denying it.  Even more reason to watch are breath.  Taking time during our day, to “just breathe” is so important during these times.  Whether we take a moment to focus on meditation, to practice yoga, or to just listen and feel our bodies breathing, should be a daily session with ourselves.

This exercise can be very calming to us, while the World is changing, while we need to adjust, and while we are still trying to accept.  A calm approach is needed and it all starts with our breath.

With Good Vibes Only – Just Breathe!

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