The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Soul Brothers

I’d like to take a moment to dedicate this post to my husband and his Baseball Teams.

13 years ago, when our family moved to Sudbury, Ontario, where my husband is from, I was introduced to his love of baseball.  With this love for baseball, came the love for his Team.  I, myself, have played on many teams, and I understand the bond you make with your teammates.  To be honest, you are creating lifelong bonds with each other.  Created based on unconditional support for each other.

I refer to his teammates as my husband’s “soul brothers”.  For the most part, they have become more than just teammates; they are there supporting each others families as well.

For example, the other day, I received a beautiful message from one of my husband’s, “soul brothers”, complimenting me on my two books I’ve written, “In My Closet” and “Lost Soul Obsession”.  The compliment came, out of the blue, as he decided to sit down and read my books.  I wasn’t expecting this message; it warmed my heart and made me think about how important it is to embrace a Team.

I am grateful to be able to see my husband create such fantastic bonds with these men; these men have embraced not only my husband but our family, as well.

There is no other way to express the type of bonds these men have created, other than, “soul brothers”.

When you find, friends in your life who are there for you no matter what, you hang on to them.  Each life will have their own ups and downs, but it is the unconditional support you have created with each other, that will not only help each other through the challenging times, but will extend to help each others families.

Again, I am so grateful to be able to witness such friendships!

If your significant other has a team they belong too, there is nothing wrong with embracing them as well.  You will find comfort, lots of laughter, and support in doing so!

Teammates + Teamwork = A Quality of Life!

With Good Vibes Only – Soul Brothers!💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Baseball Player’s Wife

My husband, the sports guru, is a baseball player.  He plays slow-pitch, softball, fastball, and well, you get the picture 😊

As I am a baseball player’s wife, I will admit, life changes from May until the end of October.  Dinner is no longer at a set time; it could range from 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm or it could simply just happen in the car on the way to the game!  He doesn’t just play for one team; there are many!

Most wives, would get a bit upset at the fact, their husbands would be gone pretty much every evening and sometimes on weekends depending on if he had a tournament or not, but the way I’ve looked at it, is he is living his dream.  There is more too it than just playing a sport; it is about teamwork, chemistry, brotherhood, and families.

Yes Families!

Every team my husband has been on, has become one big Family!  I’m not going to deny the fact, during baseball season, life does revolve around game times, tournaments, playoffs, etc., but it is by being “a part of it”, makes it better.  For some women, it can be difficult to “want” to be a part of something you are not interested in, or they may find boring, but if you were to look outside the box and see the bigger picture, it is more about coming together in relationships, coming together in supporting the Team, and coming together as family.  Bonds are made, not just for the players, but for their families.

Our baseball season will be here before we know it, and I’d just like to say, I am grateful for the happiness it brings to my husband, as well as to our family.

With Good Vibes Only!