The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Living Together As A Family

Living our lives together as a family, consists of so much!  I am a woman who has a belief system, you don’t have to move out of the family home once you turn 18 or graduate from school.  I understand independence, but when the time is right.  Age should not dictate, “when a person is ready” to move out and start their lives.

Experience and Wisdom will allow the feeling of being comfortable to “want” to move out of the family home.

For our family, we have the belief that if you can all still live together and “want” to live together as a family, then why not!  It does not stop anyone from growing “independently” or “having responsibility”, in fact it has created a stronger bond, one that our dreams in life are focused on.

We have provided options to our kids; if they want to stay with us, they can.  If they want to live on their own, they can do that as well.  Freedom of choice!

When you force your child to, “move out”, they are starting their independent life with fewer choices.  The chances of them having a difficult time in life, providing for themselves (especially in today’s World) are going to be more of a struggle for them.  You can help your child grow and gain their independence under the same roof.  We are not living in the 1950’s, we need to adjust to the World we live in and support each other; creating new traditions.

I know everyone has their own opinion on this topic and all kids are different; but I’d like to believe in order for our children to succeed in life, they need to venture out when they are ready and not by being forced out the door.

Everything we do in life, from living together, loving each other, supporting each other, and caring for each other, needs to be done without pressure – the World is a different place today, but we can still live in Peace.

With Good Vibes Only – Living Together As A Family 💖



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Stepfamily

Anyone can be a Mother, Father,  Stepmom, or Stepdad, but it takes a fearless warrior to be a great parent!  Absolutely true!

Technically, my husband and I are both stepparents to our children.  In trying to have some fun with being a stepparent, I used to refer to being a stepmom as, “Mom The Sequel!”  😊😊

The stereotype of being a stepparent has its ups and downs and to be honest, it is kind of blah to me; I like to look at it in a fun way!

As stepparents, we need to constantly be respectful of the children’s feelings who have experienced the divorce of their parents.  Lets face it, these little humans have feelings too 💖 we need to be respectful, as this is also a way of teaching them to be respectful of their parents and others.

At first, everything is about adjustment; this can last for many years.  Again, feelings don’t heal overnight, and we need to have compassion for our children who may be dealing with this confusion in their lives.  Patience is a complete virtue!

Over time, things will and do get better.  With compassion, the children will soon learn as they mature, the new parents in their lives, are not there to destroy the relationship between their own parents, but instead to add to the love of the child.  We are there to show love, compassion, kindness, and generosity.  More love to a child, makes for a happier child.  They will also learn these values in life quicker and will then be able to find more positive in life than negative.

Whether you look at a stepfamily as “just a step family”, or whether you see it as an “extended” family, as long as there is love, then this will help you get through the challenging times.

Be a friend!  Create a bond as a friend; the child will start to feel comfortable and will tend to open up more to you with difficult topics.  We as parents need to keep lines of communication open with all our children; establishing that “friend” part of being a parent will make them feel free to talk to you about anything.

We took this approach with our children, and let me tell you, there isn’t anything we haven’t discussed with all our children.  The lines of communication are completely open 💖

I’m sharing this with you, as I believe if we take 10% of what someone is telling us and tuck it away in our memory, you just never know when it may come in handy.  We don’t have the answers to everything; we are learning as we go, but if something positive is the outcome, then feel free to keep sharing with others.

With Good Vibes Only – We are in it together as one big FAMILY 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Blended Family

My family and I, are what you would call, a Blended Family.  To be honest, I don’t see a need to specify if we are family, or a blended family, as to be honest we are simply, FAMILY!

The truth is, we are not related by blood, but our hearts have become ONE, and we have established unique relationships with each other based on appreciation.

When you bring two families together, in a blended way, I don’t see why it should be any different from bringing two families together in a marriage where there are no children involved.  Either way, it is two different families coming together.

I know the children may not have been a result in this new blended family, but the way I look at it, by caring for these children, as if they were your own biologically, makes them your sons and daughters.  The love you feel and share with these children is no different from the love you feel for your own children.  At least, that is how I look at it.

It isn’t easy bringing two families together, there can be challenges, but if you remain true to who you are and your intentions which come from your heart, then over time things will improve.

Our family is unique;  we love each other, we compliment each other with our personalities and we share great memories.  Allowing growth and understanding in a blended family, will help not only the adjustment, but will also bring more love.

With Good Vibes Only – From Our Family To Yours 💖


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