The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Hold My Hand

Hold My Hand and give me comfort

Hold My Hand and give me joy

Hold My Hand and give me kindness

Hold My Hand and be my friend

Hold My Hand and show me support

Hold My Hand and protect me from fear

Hold My Hand and show me the way

Hold My Hand and be my teacher

Hold My Hand and walk with me

Hold My Hand and show me my future

Hold My Hand and we will grow together

Hold My Hand and be my love

With Good Vibes Only – Hold My Hand

Copyright © 2020 Jacqueline Burke

Photo credit: Valentin Antonucci

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Son of A “Bad Word”

Boy! Did that make me laugh!!

A couple weeks ago, it seemed no matter what I was listening too, whether it was on the radio, or on TV, I would hear the phrase, “son of a bad word”; I literally laughed out loud!

I thought to myself, finally a way of expressing ourselves without offending someone! It still packs a punch if you need to “get it out”, but at the same time shows class and respect to those around you, who may be easily offended.

I also thought to myself, “guess someone has run out of swear words”; regardless I thought it was great!

We have all been there, where we needed to let a good ol’ swear come flying out of our mouths! We are all guilty of letting one slip! I will be honest, I am guilty of having let a good one rip, every now and then; part of being human!

The more I thought about it, the more I thought how by saying, “son of a bad word”, would actually smooth things over between two parties, if someone was actually calling someone else the alternate (SOB).

Picture it: Two individuals are not so happy with each other, and then one of them says, “boy, you are such a son of a bad word!” Can you just see the look on the other person’s face? Kind of like a dog who looks confused! 😂😂😂 They would probably forget, at that very moment, what they were arguing about!

The next time you feel the need to let someone have it, with not so nice words, give it a try! I bet before you know it, you both will be laughing and forgetting why your argument even warranted anger with bad words.

Just a thought, and certainly worth a try!

New World, New Way of Thinking, New Perspective!

With Good Vibes Only – Son Of A Bad Word!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Life Changes

Life Changes!  I’ve chosen this picture, for the simple reason, it shows how things can change so quickly.  From snow, to green grass, just like that – without warning!  Believe it or not, these life changes can happen when it is out of our control.  We have no choice but to accept, adjust, and move forward.  The good thing is, is that we can still blossom through it and flourish like we are meant too!

One thing I’ve learned in my life, we don’t have all the answers.  There are times when we like to think we know it all, but we really don’t.  We never will know everything, that is why we learn as we go.  We need to stop putting pressure on ourselves to know everything; we do the best we can with what we know.

Life changes all the time, it gets so confusing at times, but by breathing, taking it moment by moment and day by day, this will allow us to learn what we are supposed to be learning in that moment.

Life changes, can be a blessing, but then they can be very hurtful and scary; we need to embrace both and move forward with faith.  When we have faith, it even makes fear take a backseat.

With the recent life changes, I find it has changed my perspective on quite a few things in my own life.  I’ve vowed to face these changes and move forward with confidence and drive.  Trust me, I have my days where, the shock of everything wears off and reality sinks in, but I then remind myself, these changes will eventually pass – this is happening for the World to learn in this moment.

We are doing this together; we are learning through this life change.

With Good Vibes Only – Life Changes!



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A Lesson Learned!

I learned a very valuable lesson not to long ago; never sway from your passions!  My passions in life are based on living a peaceful life, while helping others achieve a sense of peace as well.  Whether a sense of peace is found in my blog and social media posts, from the books I have written or from the gift I have as a Reiki Master, my passion in life is to help others find an avenue to bring inspiration and positive choices into their lives.

We all go through tests in our lives; some are there to help us along the right path, but then there are tests to make sure we do not sway from our passionate path in life.

I also believe in sharing my truths, as I believe if I can help just one person a day, then I’m doing what I have set out to do in my life.

Over the years, I’ve been tested in many areas of my life.  One thing I’ve learned is that these tests, if you let them move in and take up residence in your brain, are only there to create havoc and chaos, which then creates a wrath of anxiety.  Every single time, one of these tests show up, I will admit, they check into my brain for a brief moment, but then after reflecting on what is important in my life (my passions), it leaves with a sense of release.  It almost feels as though my Crown Chakra opens up and lets all the havoc and chaos particles float on up and out of my body.

I know that sounds deep, but it is the only way I can explain it.  There were tests I’ve gone through where I’ve kept everything to myself.  Not the best thing for me to do, but like I say, “I am human”.  I’ve felt the signs of negativity these tests have brought to me, so I have learned to cry through them.  A great release for me at times!  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, “there is nothing wrong with crying”.

This was an awakening for me!  I needed to stay true to my passions within me!  Although, these tests were job opportunities which I was approached with, they just truly weren’t for me.  I had considered them, as I thought it would be an opportunity to again help, but something was telling me it just wasn’t the right thing for me to do.  Intuition at its finest I suppose; I was listening to my gut feeling and staying true to my passions.

My passions pull at my heart!  They are mine!  They fuel me every single day!  They bring me joy!  They bring me peace!

I only hope you all can do the same!  Stay true to who you are and what brings you a sense of passion in your lives!

With Good Vibes Only – A Lesson Learned!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Watching From The Shadows

Do you ever feel as though, you are watching life from the shadows?  It could be a relationship, friendship, or at work, but your intuition is telling you something about these individuals?  You can’t ask that question, so you just watch from the shadows and wait.

You know what is going on, you know others are aware what is happening, but not one person seems to want to bring it up to you, so you wait from the shadows.  You are waiting in a very dark place.  Your mind is taking over with thoughts that haven’t even happened yet!  Or probably won’t even happen!

Is this person cheating on you?  Has your best friend been talking behind your back?  Are you about to be fired?  All these “gut wrenching” situations, are lingering around in the shadows of your life!  In your mind!

We have all been there and we are not alone in those dark shadows!

Watching from the Shadows, is a waiting game.  Please know that this too, will eventually help you to gain more wisdom.  More tests, brings more gain!  Watching from the Shadows, can be very lonely, can be challenging, but can also be a safe place.  You are living in a form of “meantime” in those shadows.  Keep in mind, this place does not always have to be dark.

Change the color of the shadows!  Paint the shadow a bright color!  Your questions have not been answered yet, so why assume your questions will be answered in a negative way?  Your mind is powerful, allow this time in the shadows to create greatness!  Create and affirm a positive outcome!  This will be your test of strength!  This will be “your” time, when you thought you needed to wait and watch, all you need to do is create and live!

Your intuition is always right; we just need to learn how to listen to what exactly your intuition is trying to tell you in a positive way!

Think positive thoughts while you are watching from the shadows; your mind is powerful!

With Good Vibes Only – Watching From The Shadows 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – How To Remain Calm

I was put to the test this morning; how was I going to remain calm!

I was showing a new tenant to their apartment; we got on the elevator to come downstairs after their walk-through and then it happened!

It was obviously going to happen at some point; yes, we were stuck in the elevator at our apartment building!  It (the elevator) decided it was Monday and was not in the mood to work I guess!  Just so happens, it didn’t wait until we could get off to stop working!  Fun Times!

For the most part, I would have freaked out, as to be honest, this is not one of the things on my “passion” list to look forward too!  However, once I saw our new tenant “grab” and white knuckled the bar in the elevator, I knew I had to remain calm for her.  Funny, how when push comes to shove, we can stand up to face our own fears.

We started chatting about the excitement of living in her new place, how she was going to decorate, and how many people she was going to meet.  We were only stuck for approximately 5 minutes, but it seemed like 5 hours.  By focusing on something positive, made her smile and before you knew it, her grasp on the bars was loosened, her breathing was slower and then, wouldn’t you know it, the doors opened and we were back in the Lobby.

The Power of Positive Thoughts and Comments!  They are not just words!  They help when you are faced with a fear, they help others cope in their difficult times, and they help you face each day!  They help you to breathe!

With Good Vibes Only – How To Remain Calm! 💖😊



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Remember You!

Over the past week, my family and I were on holidays!  We took a week off to reflect and rejuvenate.  We hadn’t had this opportunity to take an entire week off, for approximately 12 years.  The gift of this week was needed, and I am forever grateful to have had this time.

Once we arrived back home, I couldn’t help but think of two words, “Remember You!”

Many years ago, I was allowing everyone and everything to have the tightest grip on me and my life; it was stressing me right out!  There are no other words to describe it!  I had massive anxiety, I had fears, I was panicking; it just never seemed to end.  I was a bundle of nerves.  Then I had what I call a “ah-ha” moment – I Remembered Myself!

It is so easy to get caught up in the stresses of life, the pressures of all the things we let control us, and trying to keep up with everyone else; we tend to forget ourselves in the process.  Remember You!

At times, we can be consumed with anxiety, fear, stress, the need to be perfect in our careers, the expectations are so high – we cannot breathe!  Remember You!

We don’t want to be a disappointment, we let control take over, we find ourselves not knowing where to turn.  Remember You!


Life will have so many hurdles, bends in the road, challenges; so many!  Does it ever end?  It starts with Remembering You!

You have the control in your life; there isn’t one person or situation that has this control over you!  This is the first step in freeing yourself of anxiety.  I will repeat myself here:  There isn’t one person, or one situation that can have such a grip on “YOU” that you cannot overcome.  Believe In Yourself!  

I had to remind myself the following:

Only I am in charge of my happiness!

Only I can decide what is best for me – no one can decide that for me!

Only I can decided what career is good for me – no one can decide that for me!

Only I can love myself first!  No one can love me first!

Only I can decide my hobbies, my likes, my goals, my bucket list, my dreams, my hopes, my future, and My Everything!

At that moment, I refused to let anyone call the shots in my life!  I did this with love in my heart for myself!  I Remembered Me!

My entire life changed at this moment!  I was FREE!  I could BREATHE!  I could SMILE AGAIN!  Anxiety left ME!  I was FLOATING!  I loved MYSELF! I became PEACE!

With Good Vibes Only – Remember YOU! 


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Expose Yourself To Your Fears

My Mom would always say to me, “you can’t live your life in fear”; she was right!

Fears can eat us up!  There is no other way of putting it; they can take over and then we live our lives with anxiety.  I had and still have a couple fears in my life; I’m human!  I’ve just learned, over time, to not let it control my life.

Several years ago, I found I was having panic attacks while driving into the City to go to work; I couldn’t understand why, as I enjoyed my job.  I spoke to a mentor of mine, who brought it to my attention, some panic and anxiety attacks are caused when we have a sense that we have lost control or we have no control over a situation.  I began to analyze my life at this point.

Yes, I did enjoy my job, but it did have control over my life.  I had to change my mindset; why was I looking at my job as “control”.  I didn’t realize it at the time, but my job had become my fear.  Fear of losing a job, fear of not doing my job properly, fear, fear, and more fear.

I needed to expose myself, break down the layers, and find out why I was fearing so much about my job.  Once I came to the conclusion, I was allowing that nasty word of “control” to dictate my life, I changed my mindset and every day there was less and less anxiety and fear.  Control and fear tend to go hand-in-hand at times; one follows the other.

I decided to live my life with the mindset of “whatever is meant to be, will be”; I immediately felt calmer.  We can’t live our lives worried about what hasn’t happened yet; who knows, what we fear now could never happen.  What a waste of precious time!

It takes time and it doesn’t happen overnight, but each day does get better.  We must remember, everything happens for a reason; we may not understand it at the time, but that is also how we learn and gain wisdom.  We need to stop fearing what hasn’t happened; I think that would be the first step in facing our fears.

“you can’t live your life in fear”

With Good Vibes Only – Expose Yourself To Your Fears!  Take Your Control Back 😊

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Just Like Riding A Bike

I wish I had a dime for every single time I heard the phrase, “don’t worry, it’s just like riding a bike.”  I felt like saying, “you obviously haven’t flown over the handle bars before!!”  Something I really didn’t want to entertain doing again!

On a serious note, life really is like riding a bike; you must continue to get back on that bike and keep trying.  Try new things!!  If you give up on something important to you, then you would never really know or experience the greatness of that “something”.  You would never know the joy, the love, and the over-the-top happiness it could bring to your life.  Now, missing out on the greatness would actually be like flying over the handle bars!

We live life knowing, things don’t happen overnight; it’s when we give up we never really know what we are missing out on.  I would much rather keep trying, and whether or not it turns out to be something great or so-so, at least I kept riding along until I figured it all out.

Once you learn to ride a bike, you never really forget how to do it.  Just like trying new things, you will never forget your first experience at it.  You may not get it right the first time, but in time you will get the hang of it.

There is mystery in life, the unknown, the should’ve, could’ve, would’ve and the fear of failure.  What have you really got to lose?  Do not let the negativity of fear stop you from creating experiences.  By not giving up, that bike you keep riding will become Golden!

With Good Vibes Only – Get Back On That Bike!  It will be worth it!!!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Facing Fear

Today has been a bit of a wake up call for my family and I, in more ways than one.  Together we (my husband, our daughter, and I) manage an apartment building with 130 apartments in it; today we faced the sound of the fire alarms going off.

Fortunately, because of an ice storm we had last night, the build up of ice had triggered the sensors numerous times to set the fire alarm off;  we did not have an actual fire.  Very grateful!

The tenants in our building are 75% Senior Citizens; the ages in this 75% range from 65 to 101 years old.  I will be honest, the first sound of the fire alarm made me fearful for everyone in the apartment building, but especially for the seniors who are over 80 years old and have mobility problems.  The reality of the situation frightened me, not for me, but for them.

Once we were all in the lobby area, I also saw some frightened children crying; between the elderly and the crying children, it hit me – fear can easily take over a situation and how hard it is to not let it show.

We were speaking and comforting tenants with anxiety and panic issues, so much that we forgot about our own.  When we focused on them, we forgot about ourselves.  I suppose our care and concern for our tenants took over, and to me I am extremely grateful for doing this with my husband and our daughter.

Once it was established the actual cause of the alarms going off, and everyone was back in their apartments, I came into our own apartment and sat on the couch and found myself in shock at what I just experienced; not so much the panic of it all, but in fact watching 130 family’s actually come together as one.  In fear, all their differences were non-existent; why did it take fear to bring people together?  My answer to this question – they needed each other.

At the end of the day, we all need each other, but let us need each other in joy and happiness and not in fear.

Wishing you all an endless amount of Good Vibes – I am and will be forever grateful for my family, our tenants and all of you!