The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Celebrate Yourself!

Hey You!!!  You are Here!!  You are Alive!! You are You!!  Celebrate Yourself Every Single Day!

Be grateful for your existence, you mind, your body, and your soul!  The more you celebrate yourself, the happier your life will become!  Celebrating yourself is intoxicating – a natural high!

You don’t need to wait for your birthday to come around once a year; you can celebrate daily.  You will be encouraging others without even knowing it; sharing the celebration!  Just think, how happy the World would become if we all took the time to appreciate ourselves, show gratitude towards ourselves, and to love ourselves a little bit more each day.

Before you know it, others will then start celebrating themselves as well 💖

Could you imagine a World where everyone was smiling all the time?  Do you think it is worth the effort to try this suggestion?  What can we lose?

With Good Vibes Only – Celebrate Yourself 💖😊


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – “Me” Day

Have you ever said to yourself, “Boy, I could sure use a day to myself!”

I think we have all been there; life gets overwhelming and busy.  We find ourselves torn between so many people and things, we don’t know where to turn.  We have obligations, bills, and loads of pressure – that’s when you give yourself the Gift of  a “Me” Day.

Even if you find taking a full day to yourself doesn’t work with your schedule, make sure you “make an appointment” with yourself each day for a least one hour.  We make appointments every day with everyone else, why not do it for yourself!

In the one hour you schedule for yourself, make sure you are doing something that has everything to do with “you”.  Whether you enjoy sports, cooking, reading, writing, shopping, or just doing absolutely nothing at all – just do what makes you happy!

Take time for you and have a “Me” Day or a “Me” Moment and wrap yourself up in it!

Enjoy, Enjoy, and Enjoy some more!

With Good Vibes Only – Have a “Me” Day 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Fun On The Farm

I will always be grateful for being able to visit my Grandma on her farm; it truly was the most peaceful environment I’ve experienced.

The fresh air, everything in her pantry was homemade, and it was like Time stood still.  For me, the main thing I looked forward to the most, aside from my Grandma, was her animals.  I could go into her chicken coop and get chased by the chickens 😂 I could go to the barn and feed the cows and I could play with her dogs!  Oh those dogs!  I loved them so much!

My Grandma had one dog named, Trigger who would smile at you!  It was such a welcoming feeling going out to the Farm.

I feel, for any child or preteen, having the opportunity to visit a farm, is extremely therapeutic for them.  I believe, aside from the fresh air, the energy from the animals is of pure love.  I can still feel that comfort to this day!

I know some of us don’t have the privilege to visit farms, but there are options.  Your local SPCA have animals that would love to have visits from children, or anyone for that matter; they are needing it the most.  In fact, if you contact your local SPCA, they would also accept volunteers to walk the animals and do other activities with them.

It would be a win/win situation, the SPCA needs people to volunteer and the kids would be receiving the best gift of all – the gift of energy/love from an animal.  Today’s children need this option, in more ways than one.  To learn to give back instead of receive and to learn to love an animal – they have hearts just like we do that need comfort 💖

With Good Vibes Only – Spend Time With An Animal And Share Your Love With Them💖 

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Menopause – It’s Not Such A Bad Word!

Menopause!  It really isn’t such a bad word!

I used to, literally, fear Menopause!  And then it happened!  What was I so worried about?  When I was younger, I didn’t have the mindset I have today – hence the need to panic over Menopause.  Now, however, I have embraced this time in my life and I am finding the laughter and the gift of this new chapter.

There is so much to look forward to in entering Menopause.  Aside from the obvious changes in our body, there are the emotional changes which have such a bad stereotype to them.  Just so you know, some look at menopause as women losing their minds while going through this new stage, and tend to refer to it as “mentalpause”, but to be honest, when I hear “mentalpause” as a reference, I say, “you know what?  You are RIGHT!”

After the shock wears off of the faces of those referring to menopause as mentalpause, I get the last laugh 😂😂  You see, to me, the phrase “mentalpause” means, I have welcomed the right to pause at anything that can affect me either emotionally, mentally, or physically in a negative way.  If I feel, something or someone is trying to manipulate me in these ways, then I can take the “pause” and make my choice to change the situation.

With Menopause, we have welcomed the right to take our control back!!  This is our time!  New chapter!

This perspective has also allowed me to laugh more when others joke about Menopause; lets face it, it can be a challenging time, but it can also be a very fun time!  It happens to every woman, so why fight it, why worry about it, why find the negative in it – EMBRACE IT!!

There is so much humor in Menopause!  For example, living in Northern Ontario, where I might add, is still snowing, I can pray for a Hot Flash and actually get one within a split second of that prayer, to melt the ice!  How about that for a Super Power!!  😉

I can also scare away a potential threat with just the blood-shot look in my eyes!  That’s from the lack of sleep by the way! 😉

On a serious note, whether it is referred to as Menopause or Mentalpause, I have taken my “pause” and have honored this new chapter in my life!   We don’t need to be the stereotype, we can be something better!

With Good Vibes Only – Menopause Is Not Such A Bad Word! 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – The Time Is Right

How many times have you said to yourself, “I’ll do (fill in the blank) when the time is right.”  When is the time ever right?

Are you waiting to have a certain amount of money in the bank?  Whatever your reason is for “when the time is right”, I think it is time we changed this phrase to “the time IS right!”

We, as a family, have changed our thought process to “being in the NOW”.  To be honest, this concept has been working in a positive way!  The Time Is Right for anything you would like to do.  If your “time is right” is based on saving money for, there is nothing wrong with starting the planning stage, starting your visualization, starting anything positive towards this goal you have.  By doing this, you are in “the time is right” stage.

Why wait for “when”, when you can start achieving your goals NOW!  No hesitation is needed; just go for it!  You will have no regrets, you will feel more fulfilled, you will look forward to each day knowing you are in “the time is right” stage.  Remember, as long as you are doing something each day to achieve what you are waiting for, then you are accomplishing your goal.

With Good Vibes Only – The Time Is Right 😊😊


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Black Sheep

To be the “Black Sheep” of the family or with your friends, for me, is a compliment!

The Black Sheep, is a person who is not afraid to be who they are, even if they don’t fit in with the rest of the family.  Unfortunately, a “black sheep” is looked at as a disgrace, a disappointment, or even worthless.  For me, who gave anyone the right to judge someone like this?  When you think about it, they probably didn’t even know what was going on with this individual, or perhaps how this individual was struggling to be who they really wanted to be.

This term had such a negative meaning as I was growing up; I decided to change it for myself.

When I was young, I was led to believe, the Black Sheep was someone who you didn’t want to get involved with.   Such an old way of thinking!  I could never understand why, certain people in my family were labelled a “black sheep”, as I really enjoyed their company.

I suppose, as a “black sheep” myself, now I know why I would lean more towards another fellow “black sheep”.  In the 70’s, and being raised an only child (you may want to sit down for this reasoning)  was the main reason I was labelled a “black sheep”.  Can you believe it?  Shallow, I know!  One thing people don’t understand, is with an “only child”, it isn’t their choice to be the only one!  It is kind of up to their parents, don’t you think?? 😉😉

Over time, I decided to change the meaning of “black sheep” to a positive one.

Black Sheep:  Is a person who stands out in the World because they are a Leader!  A person who is strong in living their life with happiness and on a Mission to help change the World in a positive way.  A Black Sheep is one who is creative in ways, many will not understand.  A Black Sheep, strives to not follow in tradition, but instead creates their own.  A Black Sheep does not worry about others opinions which are negative towards their beliefs.  A Black Sheep, will turn the most negative situation into something beautiful, instead of wallowing in the drama.  A Black Sheep will live their life, learning and gaining wisdom, instead of being told how to live their life and how they should learn.  A Black Sheep is a person of strength!

I would like to celebrate all who have had this label placed upon them!  It isn’t anything negative or bad, it is something you should be proud of!  You are being who “you” are meant to be, you are “learning” your own lessons and gaining your “own” wisdom.  You may not be a person everyone will understand, but that is the beauty of being yourself, your true “black sheep”; you are you and that is all that matters.

“Black Sheep’s” are unique individuals!  They love, they care, they show compassion, they show gratitude, they share with their joy, and they trust, respect, and are loyal!  They are colorful individuals 💖😊

With Good Vibes Only – Love A Black Sheep 😊💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits show up when you least expect it!  They could be the opposite sex, younger, older, the same age as you, different nationality, and different religion.  The funny thing is, your Kindred Spirits could be anyone; it is all about your spirit!

Whenever I’ve met a “Kindred Spirit”, I’ve known right away who they were; I could see it in their eyes.  The warmth I felt when meeting my Kindred Spirits, is one of complete comfort.  You have heard the phrase, “I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I see you”, well not always is that said from a potential romantic perspective.  It is said, based on the comfort they are feeling from you.  They feel safe with you!

I’ve had my Kindred Spirits tell me, “I’m just comfortable in your presence”; what a compliment and what a gift to be able to meet a Kindred Spirit who acknowledges your presence.

Kindred Spirits become connected to you;  you may not see them all the time, but when you do, it is the feeling of being at home.  Don’t question “why” you are feeling this way, there is no ulterior motive, this is simply your spirits getting acquainted.

Please don’t read into the emotions you feel when you meet your Kindred Spirit; they are not romantic, they are simply pure comfort from another time.

With Good Vibes Only – Embrace Your Kindred Spirit – You Are Home 💖

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Creating Yourself

When I graduated from high school, all I would hear from a lot of other students was, “I’m going to take a year off to go and find myself!”  In my mind, this is total Brilliance!  Although, the only word I would change would be “finding” to “creating”.  Just a personal preference 😊 It didn’t matter if they had to work while they did this, or if they just “took that year off”, at least they were still finding/creating themselves in their own minds and in their own time.

I feel that every student should do this after they have graduated from high school.  It is so very important to really figure out, what it is that makes you happy in life.  I stay true to the phrase, “if you love what you do, then you will never work a day in your life!” By taking a year off, you will find what it is you love to do.  Gain more experiences, more wisdom, and more growth.

By taking the time to really dive deep into “you” and not what “others” feel you need to do, you will be saving so much time, money taking courses that you really are not interested in (if you decided to further your education), and frustration.

I call it, “the Gift of a Year!”  You deserve to have the gift of a year to really find and create who are meant to be for “you”.

Could you imagine, a World where people are working in a career they all 100% LOVE!  Could you imagine, no stress at work?  Could you imagine, happiness on the job 100% of the time?

I support everyone who decides to give themselves the Gift of a Year in finding their true passions.

With Good Vibes Only I Wish You Peace And Happiness On Your Journey In Finding And Creating Yourself 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Stepfamily

Anyone can be a Mother, Father,  Stepmom, or Stepdad, but it takes a fearless warrior to be a great parent!  Absolutely true!

Technically, my husband and I are both stepparents to our children.  In trying to have some fun with being a stepparent, I used to refer to being a stepmom as, “Mom The Sequel!”  😊😊

The stereotype of being a stepparent has its ups and downs and to be honest, it is kind of blah to me; I like to look at it in a fun way!

As stepparents, we need to constantly be respectful of the children’s feelings who have experienced the divorce of their parents.  Lets face it, these little humans have feelings too 💖 we need to be respectful, as this is also a way of teaching them to be respectful of their parents and others.

At first, everything is about adjustment; this can last for many years.  Again, feelings don’t heal overnight, and we need to have compassion for our children who may be dealing with this confusion in their lives.  Patience is a complete virtue!

Over time, things will and do get better.  With compassion, the children will soon learn as they mature, the new parents in their lives, are not there to destroy the relationship between their own parents, but instead to add to the love of the child.  We are there to show love, compassion, kindness, and generosity.  More love to a child, makes for a happier child.  They will also learn these values in life quicker and will then be able to find more positive in life than negative.

Whether you look at a stepfamily as “just a step family”, or whether you see it as an “extended” family, as long as there is love, then this will help you get through the challenging times.

Be a friend!  Create a bond as a friend; the child will start to feel comfortable and will tend to open up more to you with difficult topics.  We as parents need to keep lines of communication open with all our children; establishing that “friend” part of being a parent will make them feel free to talk to you about anything.

We took this approach with our children, and let me tell you, there isn’t anything we haven’t discussed with all our children.  The lines of communication are completely open 💖

I’m sharing this with you, as I believe if we take 10% of what someone is telling us and tuck it away in our memory, you just never know when it may come in handy.  We don’t have the answers to everything; we are learning as we go, but if something positive is the outcome, then feel free to keep sharing with others.

With Good Vibes Only – We are in it together as one big FAMILY 💖

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