The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Our Camp!

Gratitude!  Swimming around in my heart!

This weekend, we will be setting up our trailer at a local camp/RV site.  In preparing for our goal of The Good Vibes Only Roadshow North American Tour, we feel it is important to spend the first season, set up locally, to get organized!  When we think of the full-time RV lifestyle, it is a big step, but one we are ready for!

Turning an RV/Trailer into your home, certainly takes a lot of thought, which I am finding out!  I am enjoying the process, wrapping myself up in the creativity of it all, and I am learning!

They say, “everything happens for a reason”, and this is what needs to happen in our lives!  Our passion for travel, seeing as much of the country as possible, and meeting others to share Good Vibes with, are all on the top of our lists!

We will be blogging, writing our new books, and working our virtual business from the trailer!  I’m visualizing our trailer filled with so much creative energy and motivation; I can’t help to want to jump up and down with excitement!  To be childlike is AWESOME!

I feel energized and excited, with a new youthful feeling, just thinking about this new venture!

It is thanks to following a lot of you who are already living this lifestyle; you have inspired not only me, but countless others!  💖 Much Gratitude!!

With Good Vibes Only – Our Camp 💖


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Love Shack

Even though, we are receiving yet more snow, Spring is in the Air for me!  One of the things I love to do, is GLAMPING TRAILERS!!  Taking a vintage trailer and glamping it up!

I refer to them as Love Shacks!

The creative behind glamping is endless!  Not only do you put all your love into the exterior and interior of a trailer, but you can “name” them!  Talk about putting your heart and soul into something!  The love that is poured into restoring such beauty comes from a place of care and compassion for a trailer that would have been scrapped.

Glamping trailers, in my eyes, is one of the perfect expressions of Art!  It fuels something in me, that not only I call a sense of home, but it brings out so much creative that I never thought I had.

If you are looking for something different to bring some sunshine to your life, try Glamping!  They truly are Love Shacks!

With Good Vibes Only!  A Smile On My Face!  A Love Shack In My Future!

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