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Direct selling has been around forever! In fact, it has helped to support families in their most difficult times. When money was tight, it was easy to start selling for a direct selling company to help bring in money to the family home, while being able to stay at home to look after any children. […]

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – We Support Direct Selling — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Love Grandma Recipe Book Series — Jacqueline Burke, Author

I am happy to announce, along with Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle, we have released the first recipe book in the Love Grandma series. A Collection of Baking Recipes with Summer’s Cozy Corner. Please also follow Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle on WordPress.

Jacqueline Burke, Author – Love Grandma Recipe Book Series — Jacqueline Burke, Author

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Get Your Thoughts Out!

There are times in life where, due to respect, we simply do not say what we “want” to say, but instead we say what we “need” to say. Have you ever been in that position? You really want to say what your mind wants to say, but realize it would hurt someone’s feelings, you then bottle it up.

That is called respecting someone’s feelings. We all have a difference of opinion, that is what makes us unique; however, at times, and in certain conversations or discussions, we don’t look at it that way. We just look at it as, “why don’t they see, my opinion is right!!” When this happens, it means you have strong convictions towards your beliefs. There is nothing wrong with that either.

The key is this:

It is very important to understand we are all different, we all need to be heard, and we all need to respect others opinions as well. If we want to be heard and understood, then why wouldn’t someone else want that in their lives? That is the main question here. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

In order to keep a conversation smooth and calm, when it could go the other way, we need to stop and think before we speak. It isn’t always necessary to voice an opinion, when all the other person wants is to be heard. Which means, you just need to listen.

At times, this can cause a bit of frustration in our lives; not being able to voice an opinion, especially if it is different than the person you are listening too. You do have an option; write your thoughts down on paper.

It works! I have done this many times, and I’ve felt a sense of relief afterwards. With respect towards the person I’ve been listening too, it was clear they needed to just be heard and for me to listen, I did not comment, I simply gave compassion.

I’ve used a journal to write down my thoughts towards a situation; this doesn’t mean I don’t like the person I was conversing with, it just means, I still wrote out my opinions on a “topic” in order for me to get my own thoughts out. In a way, the paper was listening to what the pen was writing, without commenting. A different perspective, but it works!

We all have thoughts that we need to get out, every now and then, and it is important to do so. No need to bottle up emotions, write them down! There are times we cannot say certain things out loud, but our paper will listen without judgement, without criticism, and without a hurtful response.

Start your own journal and give it a try; remember you don’t need to mention any names, just get your thoughts out about your opinions of different situations. In showing respect for others, you are showing respect for yourself by creating this exercise.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Get Your Thoughts Out!

Jacqueline Burke, Author – The In My Closet Series – Volume 1 — Jacqueline Burke, Author

I am excited to be able to offer, “The In My Closet Series – Volume 1” featuring the first three books in the series. In My Closet, Lost Soul Obsession, and Star of Night focus on the life of Sophia and how she perceives it to be. The fourth book in the series, “Geoffrey’s Story”, […]

Jacqueline Burke, Author – The In My Closet Series – Volume 1 — Jacqueline Burke, Author

Brandy Records Canada – Writing Music! — Brandy Records Canada

Brandy Records Canada will be expanding with a new division – Brandy Music Publishing. We are excited about our new venture; we are excited to welcome new writers to showcase their talents and to have their creations pitched to individuals in the music industry. We will be posting more about this new venture in the […]

Brandy Records Canada – Writing Music! — Brandy Records Canada

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Let’s Get Healthy Together! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Let’s Get Healthy!! I can’t think of anything more important to focus on, especially at this time in our lives. Health is so important! Strong immune systems are very important! I can sit here and provide you with the same information that everyone is saying, “boost your immune system!” Which is the truth of the […]

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Let’s Get Healthy Together! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – With Gratitude!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for hanging in there with The Good Vibes Only Roadshow! I have much gratitude for your dedication, loyalty, and support for my blog site, and your comments.

It has been quite the ride! With our constant support for each other, we will make it in this New World!

I encourage you all to reach out and support as many sites as you can; we need to stick together in our “blogging” world and share as much as we can, encourage each other, and to check in every now and then to make sure we are staying true to our passions in life and remaining positive!

Communication is key! Support is key! Comfort is key! Smiles are key!

Wishing you all much happiness, success, peace, and comfort in your lives! The Good Vibes Only Roadshow is here for you; 2020 Vision!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – With Gratitude!

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Changing It UP! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Lifestyles are meant to be changed up, every now and then! Why not! We are living in a New World with many changes happening – why not take this opportunity to change up your lifestyle. When our New World started, I took a moment to reflect on what exactly was happening. I was in shock […]

Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle – Changing It UP! — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

Calming Lifestyles — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

SUMMER’S COZY CORNER – CALMING LIFESTYLES We have done a lot of thinking lately; what type of lifestyle is calming to us. What type of lifestyle brings us Peace? A lifestyle where we are following our heart. We make sure, everything we do, is about a passion. Something inside that makes us come alive with […]

Calming Lifestyles — Summer’s Cozy Corner Lifestyle

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – What Is Your Vision?

Wow! What an experience 2020 has been!

My family and I reside in Ontario, Canada, where just recently, we were advanced into Stage 3 of living. After some reflection (the past couple of weeks), I have decided to move forward in this Pandemic with a new outlook. Instead of mentioning the name of this Pandemic, I have decided to instead refer to the New World as 2020 Vision!

My family and I support everything that promotes the human race, their health, their safety, their well-being, and their Peace in a positive way. This is our 2020 Vision!

We, as the human race, need to accept and understand, whether there are some people out there who want to believe it or not, we are all in this together and we truly need to come together as one. I know some of you will, no doubt, say, “get your head out of the clouds”, but I’d like to believe that if each person were to take one moment in their day, to reach out and be kind to those they normally wouldn’t even acknowledge, then we would get further in this New World in a more positive way.

I’d like to believe it is worth giving it a shot! This New World is a different place to live in, but do we really want it to affect how we treat each other? I believe the Pandemic is doing enough in this department; it does not discriminate, it just does!

So…then why don’t we do the same! Do not discriminate, just live and let live. Do not discriminate, just love and let others love. Do not discriminate, just be happy and let others smile. Do not discriminate, be kind and let others share your kindness with others. Do not discriminate, show compassion to those who are healing and they will heal their hearts as well. Do not discriminate, share your comfort, and the World will feel at Peace.

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – What is your Vision!

Photo Credit: Marc Adriane