The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Watching From The Shadows

Do you ever feel as though, you are watching life from the shadows?  It could be a relationship, friendship, or at work, but your intuition is telling you something about these individuals?  You can’t ask that question, so you just watch from the shadows and wait.

You know what is going on, you know others are aware what is happening, but not one person seems to want to bring it up to you, so you wait from the shadows.  You are waiting in a very dark place.  Your mind is taking over with thoughts that haven’t even happened yet!  Or probably won’t even happen!

Is this person cheating on you?  Has your best friend been talking behind your back?  Are you about to be fired?  All these “gut wrenching” situations, are lingering around in the shadows of your life!  In your mind!

We have all been there and we are not alone in those dark shadows!

Watching from the Shadows, is a waiting game.  Please know that this too, will eventually help you to gain more wisdom.  More tests, brings more gain!  Watching from the Shadows, can be very lonely, can be challenging, but can also be a safe place.  You are living in a form of “meantime” in those shadows.  Keep in mind, this place does not always have to be dark.

Change the color of the shadows!  Paint the shadow a bright color!  Your questions have not been answered yet, so why assume your questions will be answered in a negative way?  Your mind is powerful, allow this time in the shadows to create greatness!  Create and affirm a positive outcome!  This will be your test of strength!  This will be “your” time, when you thought you needed to wait and watch, all you need to do is create and live!

Your intuition is always right; we just need to learn how to listen to what exactly your intuition is trying to tell you in a positive way!

Think positive thoughts while you are watching from the shadows; your mind is powerful!

With Good Vibes Only – Watching From The Shadows 💖



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Suffering In Silence

We have all been there; when we are hurt so bad and can’t say anything.  We Suffer In Silence!

Our feelings have been ripped apart, by the one’s we love the most.  The question of “why did they do this to us” never gets answered.  We Suffer In Silence!

When we finally get the nerve to ask the question, “why did you do this to me”, to only be lied too.  We Suffer In Silence!

Our hearts are broken but we hang on to what we had.  We Suffer In Silence!

Do you move on?  Do you give in to “we all make mistakes?”  Can you forgive?  We Suffer In Silence!

Your questions never seem to get answered, although you know you deserve better.  We Suffer In Silence!

The pattern continues.  We Suffer In Silence!

Are you strong enough to let go and move forward?  We Suffer In Silence!

Love yourself enough; that’s all that matters.  What seems to be impossible to do, will only set you free from the pain, the sorrow, and the anger.  You deserve better, you are beautiful no matter how much this pain makes you feel ugly; you are worth so much more!

With Good Vibes Only – Do Not Suffer In Silence! 💖

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