The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Passion List

I decided a long time ago, I was not going to make a New Year’s Resolution list; instead I decided to keep a “Passion” List.

I found when I made “resolutions”, I was easily sidetracked and I would, for example, somehow fall off the “diet” wagon, or I would simply, not take anything on this list seriously.  That’s when I came up with something that would stick – My Passion List.

When we are passionate about something, it stays with our mind, body and soul.  Passion comes from the heart and the odds of getting bored with something you are passionate about are low compared to the odds of getting bored with a resolution list that creates pressure.

My Passion List is quite lengthy, but guess what?  I haven’t steered away from it at all!  Everything on my passion list are things with meaning, things which are very important to my heart, and things I have a strong interest and drive in.

I’m a fan of writing, eating healthy, sharing gratitude every day, and making sure I listen to music every day.  I’m also open to learning; whether it is to do with diet, culture, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, and much, much, more.   I will never turn away from learning.  How do you know what you may like if you say, “no” to an opportunity to have an experience in life?  I promised myself I would always, at the very least, read up on something new.  I did not want to miss any opportunities.

I found by continuing with my Passion List, I have not placed any pressure on myself; instead I have become happier with not only who I am on the inside, but who I am on the outside as well.  Those diets that I mentioned, now do not put pressure on me and guess what?  I no longer yo-yo diet, my weight actually stays where it is supposed to be.  I no longer stress about my weight!  Yahoo!  I owe it all to my Passion List!

I will never stop adding to my Passion List!  After all, I would never stop something that brings me so much happiness and joy.

With Good Vibes I Wish You All Happiness In Creating Your Own Passion List!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – A True Friend

A True Friend is someone we have all wanted and needed in our lives; A True Friend is someone who will be there for you, not only in times of struggle, but in times of great happiness.

A True Friend is there for you unconditionally.

In my lifetime, I’ve met a lot of people; ones I thought would be in my life forever, and others I thought would dwindle away.  The funny thing is, is the ones I thought would dwindle away, have turned out to be the ones that have been in my life forever.  The ones I thought would be there forever have dwindled away.  Funny how that works!

The beauty of it, is although the ones who have dwindled away, are still there in my mind as a friend.  You see, no matter what type of friends we have, they will be there in our memory, so they really don’t ever leave.  This is a comforting feeling actually, as at times we could find ourselves missing someone who has left, but it is our memories of them that bring comfort, especially if you find yourself missing them.

In my life, I’ve had people decide to not remain in contact with me; life gets busy, or they just decided they wanted their circle of friends to be ones who they shared everything in common with.  Whatever the reason, I’ve appreciated their friendship no matter the length of time we had together.

A True Friend will always be there for you, it may not be in the physical form, but in our memories, our life lessons, in pictures, or in cards/written notes.  I am forever grateful for every friend that has come into my life, without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.  I’ve cherished every moment, good and bad, and I’ve come out of it a better person.



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Spirit

For some reason, every time I either turn on the television, listen to the radio, or read an article, the word “spirit” pops up.

For example, the other night we were watching one of the many talent shows on television, and the judge told the singer, “Your spirit, is what makes me love you!”  When we show our “spirit” in what we love in life – we shine!

It doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside or how we sound, as long as we show “spirit” in our passions in life, you will be the most beautiful person and you will feel it in your mind, body, and soul!

When we tap into our spirit, not only will we be doing what we are “meant” to be doing, but we will bring on such happiness and joy – nothing will stop you succeed.  Succeeding in life, to most, means financially.  However, this post is about succeeding in your heart; you cannot put a dollar figure on that feeling as it is priceless.

Tap into your spirit and what brings you happiness, and go for it with Good Vibes Only!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -Savor Each Moment

Savor Each Moment!

When we take the time to actually, “savor each moment” in life, life becomes filled with gratitude.  It does not matter what type of moment you are having; struggles, loving, challenging, thrilling, sad, or happy – savor them.

I know it sounds odd to savor a moment of negativity, but if you savor what you are learning in that moment, then instead of struggling with the stress of the situation, it then becomes a moment of learning.  Everything we learn in life should be savored!  This not only helps with building strength, but it helps with depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety seem to be at the top of the discussion list these days; I’ve worn those shoes at one point in my life, and to be honest, numbing the pain does not solve the pain.

Several years ago, I turned my life around!  Instead of relying on prescriptions for depression and anxiety, I decided that I needed to be able to wake up in the morning and not have to medicated myself.  I wanted more in my life than losing my own self control.  The prescriptions had the control over my life, my depression and my anxiety; I needed to take the control back.

I looked at myself in the mirror (literally) and said, “You are stronger than this!  You deserve more in life!  You need to love yourself!”

I savored the first breath I took after I had the realization I deserved more in my life.  I appreciated that breath.  From that exact moment, I savored everything about every single day.  Don’t get me wrong, I had those, “take two steps forward and one step back” moments, but I even savored those knowing each day was going to get easier.

It does not happen overnight, but over time, I now am living my life more at Peace, loving myself on the inside and out more, and showing more gratitude for every moment.

If I can do it, so can you!  Keep reaching out, keep talking, and keep thinking positive!

Savor Each Moment With Good Vibes Only!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Thank You!

I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who follow my blog; it truly means the World to me.

My heart if filled with so much gratitude; for every “comment”, “follow”, and “like” I receive, brings a huge smile to my face!  Thank you so much for making my day!


Wishing You All Good Vibes Only!



The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Conversation with a Friend

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with a friend I knew many moons ago (30 years to be exact), who at one time had a very successful life.  Things had changed for her, and now she found herself struggling with everything you could possibly imagine.  From relationship issues, to raising teenagers, to losing her job, to struggling with alcohol dependency, and to fighting the urge to run from all of it.

For 30 years, she was in a very lucrative career in fashion, however times change.  With more and more retail stores closing, her career closed up on her as well.  At her age of 50, she found herself starting over, which has affected all her relationships.  She is feeling the panic; numbing the frustration and stress with alcohol.  I cried for her, as to be honest, this all came as such a surprise to me; she was always the picture of success and I would never have thought she was struggling.

I suppose, never judge a book by its cover!  We never know what is going on in someone’s life until they become completely vulnerable.  I listened to her and that is all I did.  That’s all she needed me to do.

An hour had passed, and at the time, I heard a huge sigh, followed by, “thank you”.

All she needed was someone to just listen to her.  She needed to unload all the negative to free up space to take a breath and regain some positive.  She was listening to herself speak, and at the end of our conversation, she said, “You know what?  I believe I’m stronger than this; I feel silly for letting this get to me, but it did and I’ve learned.  I will never forget you for taking time to let me vent.”

I suppose, the lesson here is this:

If you take the time to listen to someone when they need you the most, you are giving them the Gift of Regaining Confidence.  Sometimes, that’s all it takes is to let them vent for a while, for them to gain some perspective.  Sometimes it takes a bit more than that, but by listening to them at the beginning, gives them comfort which is the first step needed to gain confidence.

Taking steps forward with Good Vibes!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow – Life’s Laundry

There are times in life, where certain things need to be cleaned up!  I call it, “Life’s Laundry”.

Everyone has their experiences in life that need a good cleaning!  Just because you have something negative happen in your life, does not mean it can’t be cleaned up to become a benefit.

Whether it is a second chance at something, rectifying a problem, or fixing a relationship, not matter what, it can all be cleaned up.  We then come out of it with a positive outlook at what we learned along the way.

If we do not make an attempt at cleaning up our challenges, then our dirty laundry will linger.  This only causes regret and bad/hurt feelings.  We need to love ourselves enough to go that extra mile to clean up to bring positive resolutions.

Dirty laundry needs to be cleaned and in doing so will bring not only wisdom, but less bricks on our shoulders.  The response you may receive while trying to clean the laundry of life, may not always be positive, but know this, by attempting to clean up a mess, this will leave you with no regrets.

Let’s make every day laundry day and keep our lives as clean as possible.


Good Vibes Only!

The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -Loving What You Do!

I can’t stress to you enough the importance of loving what you do!  I spent many years, craving to love my career, until I decided there is no reason why I couldn’t love what I do.

We tend to settle for a job or career to get us by in life, and sometimes, circumstances “need” us to do so.  We have all been there; the one thing I didn’t realize is that even in the times I struggled, there were still things I could do to balance my life.

We all need to support ourselves, our families, etc., and the stress can get to us at times, but if we learn to calm our minds knowing we are doing what we “need” to do, then we will eventually be able to do what we “want” to do.  Turn the frustration into a positive; it will help you during the day doing what you “need” to do.

I’ve always had a passion for writing; I may not be an award winner, but I still have stories to tell.  This kept me going when I found myself in jobs which truly did not suit me.  When I found myself in a frustrating job, I looked forward to coming home to dive into my creative writing – it was the balance I personally needed.

Eventually, I was able to move forward into doing what I really wanted to do in life.  I like to think by changing my mindset, as I’ve mentioned above, I was putting out positive affirmations into the Universe to help me to get to where I truly wanted to be – sharing Good Vibes.

I wish you all positive thoughts, encouragement to find what you love to do, and I share with you the confidence in yourself to know you can do it!

Good Vibes Only!


The Good Vibes Only Roadshow -It’s Coffee Time

I woke up this morning to -44 degrees and thought to myself, “It’s a great day for coffee, bundling up on the couch and blogging!”  Living in Northern Ontario, Canada, has convinced me, I live in an area where there are only two seasons:  Winter from November until May, or at least that is when the snow is finally gone, then there is June until October, which would be considered Summer, but in our household it is called, “Baseball Season”.

Today finds me in the deep freeze of Winter and I am not going to complain one bit.  I am grateful for my community, my family, and blogging!  I love days like these, where I can have a nice cup of hot coffee, and contemplate how I would like to express my thoughts to all of you.

I have an endless amount of posts I will be sharing with you; sharing our plans for the future and how I wish it could happen tomorrow!

For now, I will enjoy my coffee!  Good Vibes For A Wonderful Weekend!

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